Sunday, June 24, 2012

News from 2010

I watched the movie Inception the other night and liked it immensely.  I know, I know, it came out a couple of summers ago and I'm only now getting around to it, but then, I still haven't seen E.T. either.  That's mrpeenee, surfing along behind the wave.

So, Inception; it's cool and smart and complex and looks absolutley fabulous, including the zero gravity fight in the schmancy hotel.

The only thing that held me back initially was Leonardo DiCaprio, whom I've never liked.  I always thought he looked like an unattractive young woman in drag as an unattractive young man, but he's perfectly fine in this.  Speaking of fine, there is also the eye candy of Tom Hardy, sort of wasted in this, but still, fine, fine, fine.

Some of the action is set in a fortress in the snow that so many writers have pointed out looks like it was left over from some lesser James Bond effort that I'll just add how I loved the fact the designers were so attentive to making everything snowy white (the camouflage both sides confusingly wears, the guns, the snow) that even the hand grenade is a pristine white.  A color coordinated hand grenade.  I'm sold.

 I also liked the soundtrack plenty, so I snagged it on ITunes.  It's very somber and moody with low brasses and bass strings growling at each other, sort of like a butch Brian Eno.  But I can't listen to it, it upsets Saki.  Five minutes into it and he got more and more agitated, careening around the room like he'd been up all night doing speed.  I finally gave up and went back to dance tunes from the 80's cause that's what he digs.  So now the cat's in control of the music.  Typical.


  1. Replies
    1. Just keep him away from the poppers... Jx

  2. Not to worry darling, Im with you on the "behind it" getting round to see movies. Except Iron Lady...had to see it. And hopefully we will see "much more" of Mr Hardy in the new Batman, which I wont see, till its On Deamand of course.....

  3. the cat is in charge. well that just frosts kabuki's ass. everyone knows cats have no financial sense what so ever. and if saki discovers the shopping channel we are all doomed. kabuki would install voice activated appliances just to piss off the cat, but kabuki is a bird person.

  4. There is nothing to like about Leonardo. Nothing. I think Saki's upset at knowing he had something to do with the movie from which the music came. Smart boy.

  5. My cats never seemed to pay much attention to music, but my first cat used to hide under the bed whenever I watched "Alien" or "Aliens." Had to be something in the sound, because he never watched the TV screen, but I never figured out what it was. The only other films to bother him were those with really loud explosions.


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