Thursday, May 8, 2008

In the Realm of mrpeenee’s Senses

Little known, but fascinating truths about how I perceive the world around me:

I like sirens. Cop cars and fire trucks screaming by me on the street thrill me in some deep down odd spot.

I find the odor of skunks kind of pleasant. Not enough that I would buy skunk scented candles, but still. And it’s a lucky thing, too, since we share the canyon we live in with packs of polecats and every year about this time I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with that distinctive smell wafting in through the open windows. Mmm.

Even though I am a very picky eater (I hate raw onions, I don’t like lamb, I always pass on candy with nuts in it) I adore beets and liver, two of the least popular food products known to man. Liver is just part of my fascination with edible internal organs: sweet breads, kidneys, tongue, bring ‘em on. I draw the line at tripe, though, since that is just too far down in the alimentary canal and it smells like it.

There is an escalator coming up out of the BART Civic Center platform that has a small bump under the handrail. As you’re gliding up into the thrilling carnival of downtown San Francisco, the bump makes a small, pleasant thump under your hand. I always make a point of using that escalator.

I’m too near-sighted to have one for vision. My whole day to day goal is to not bump into anything.


  1. Fascinating

    The escalator bump, I totally get...the rest,'re on your own there.

  2. I completely understand. Polecats and skunks aren’t so bad. When traveling to see grandma as a kid we would occasionally come upon a stretch that smelled like skunk. My mother would say in her singsong style, “Dead skunk in the middle of the road...I one it, you two it, I three it, you four it, I five it, you six it, I seven it, and you ate it.” Oh such a happy memory. Now when I have a trick and I’m pleasantly surprised by a manly musk, I singsong in my head...and I ate it!

  3. I share your fondness for skunk, although it gains a special piquant quality when combined with tomato juice and wet, embarrassed dog...

  4. Really good coffee has a bit of skunky musk, so how can anyone not like it?

  5. Mr. Peenee, If you like sirens, you would certainly love my apartment. We are on Georgia Ave in DC, which connects DC and Maryland, therefore ALL of the fire trucks / police cars / ambulances drive up and down ALL THE TIME.

    And you are the first person I found here in the States who likes eating tongue. If you ever visit Argentina, you can eat a lot there, specially "Al escabeche" (Tongue prepared with oil, herbs, spices and vinegar)

  6. "Al escabeche" Mmmm, sounds delish.


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