Monday, January 12, 2009

We're Having a Heat Wave

Gosh golly guys, I know it’s inane to discuss the weather, but today is worthy of note. It warmed up over the weekend until now it’s the most spectacularly beautiful day imaginable. It almost makes up for being Monday. The sky is pale and clear, the air is cool and the sun is warm, it’s like the perfect California winter weather. You expect orange trees to sprout from the gutter and the ATMs to emit Beach Boy songs.

I started out this morning wearing a leather coat over a cashmere sweater and each time I’ve left the building I’ve gone down a layer. By the time I went to the gym at lunch, I was in a tee shirt (a nice red tee shirt, for those of you keeping track of these things) and it was ideally comfortable. I expect to soon be wandering down Market Street in nothing but my underwear. I take comfort in the fact that they are my good black 2(x)ist ones. Besides, it's San Francisco, surely I won’t be the only one. I’ll probably be part of parade before I get two blocks.


  1. you are blessed with nice weather,mrpeenee. here in chicago, a blizzard is on tap for tonight and tomorrow am...

  2. It's nice and chilly here....for the day. Tomorrow, who knows.

  3. I've decided to just take it one day at a time...sweet Jesus. Everyday starts out in the 60's and ends up in the 30's. My sinuses are f'd up.

    Which reminds me, an old man arrives at the pearly gates and Peter asks, What brought you here? The old man say seenus trouble. Peter says you mean sinus trouble?
    The old man says no it was seenus trouble. See I was dating this oldwoman and her husband done seenus...

  4. Is this, in fact, the same red tee shirt you're wearing in that picture? I thought as much.

  5. Miss J loves an impromptu nekkid man parade.

    As for the weather, Miss J is PISSED! The cool weather only just started! Miss J hasn't even worn all her sweaters yet this winter. The weather gods shall hear about it.


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