Monday, March 9, 2009

Get Out of Mouse Trap Free

I bow down before juliannk who was actually more help in a goddam blog comment section about my mouse problems than the highly paid computer guys physically located in the same office as me. Sheesh.

Houseboy Gunter Garmandus has nothing to to with this topic, but do you really care?


  1. JuliannK is nothing short of awesome!

    (BTW, have you checked your Facebook messages? Or is email a better way to reach you?)

  2. Facebook messages? You can leave messages in Facebook? Email is definitely better, although considering my level of technological skills, a ouija would probably be just as good.

  3. Gee thanks guys! Can I have Gunter now? :)

  4. Is there a message running along his waistband to "touch him there"?

  5. I'm trying to read the Braille message imprinted in his gusset.


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