Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get Back to Work, Slacker

Muscato asks us, in the comments of our Work, What a Dreadful Idea whinging post, “So how was it?” Oh, the insouciance. It was, in alphabetical order, disgusting, exhausting, filthy, hateful, innervating, loathsome, menial, petty, twisted, uninviting, and yucky. The usual.

Digging my way out from under a medium sized mountain of email, I ran across a convoluted exchange between the members of a committee I am held prisoner by. The series held a growing note of crisis, deepening into hysteria and then just disappeared. I wrote the one member I like and asked what happened. Her reply? “…we finished it. You want to have lunch Friday?”

Yes, bitches, yes. I am back. Don’t call me Friday, I got plans for lunch. Afterwards I plan to speak firmly to Angelus Garibaldi about his underpants.

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