Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saki Invictus

Our cat Saki is back from his surgery to remove the little plastic nub he had idiotically swallowed.  Idiot.  He seems to be doing fine, a little dazed, but not messing with his scar or having any troubles.  Part of the substantial bill included morphine; unfortunately, it was for him and not R Man and me, although considering how much we paid, it seems like we could have gotten at least a small bump.

He has a tiny, little purple scar on his belly.  If you've never seen a partially shaved cat, you'll have to take my word for it that they are both pathetic and pretty funny looking.  R Man and I try to pretend we're some Barbara Stanwyckian broads and talk tough about what a pain Saki is, but having him spend the night in the vet hospital revealed our true doting old aunties' nature.  How embarrassing. 


  1. omg
    That pic there is so adorable I might have to swallow a nub of my own.

    Or something.

  2. that cat is so cute!! my cat motorboat has clumps of matted hair around his backside! when i try to remove them with sissors he barks like a dog!!! he doesn't like it! i got most of them...

  3. The photo is heaven. I think it is a sign of either the creeping years or the presence of pets (or both) that there is almost always a roll of paper towels in at least one room other than the kitchen...

  4. muscato
    Ain't it the truth between cat misbehavior and human klutziness, we go through paper towels like, oh never mind.

  5. You guys! Here I was all ready to snark about when paper towel on the coffee table means 'Hello, and welcome to the Jack Shack!', but we're all being 'sincere' about the kittehs. See, YOU PEOPLE MADE ME TYPE "KITTEHS".

  6. I think I just discovered my new wallpaper photo. A-dor-a-ble.

  7. I don't know why anyone would want children when you can have a cat. Our little tabby is sleeping on th bed with my partner as I type. We're moving next month and my biggest concern is how the cat will adjust. The rest is just gravy.


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