Saturday, November 14, 2009

This Just In:

Who knew marmots could incite such passion? Comments in the previous post revealed sordid vaudeville acts, bizarre publications and the fact that MJ was preparing to give birth to a Canadian marmot (which she’s looking to unload, if you’re interested.) My, my, the things a simple blog brings to light.

But you guys, wait, there’s a better way to discover the dirty little secrets of possible psychotics. The Magic Nine ball answers all. Sure, the skeptics can jeer, but just this evening, I asked it “Did that muscley Thai rent boy/masseur give me the clap?”

and it answered “Bet everything on it.” OHMYGOSH, isn’t that eerie? It’s obviously in touch with the Higher Plane; insights like that don’t just roll off a marmot’s back you know.


  1. I just asked it, "Did Mr. Peenee get the clap from the Thai rent boy?" and it responded...

    "Outlook is good"

    That confirms it.

  2. Thank you so much dear. How's your marmot going?

  3. My beaver is taking up all my time at the moment.

  4. I keep asking, "should I wear blue or green tomorrow?", but it keeps telling me, "Peenee got the clap from a Thai rent boy."
    I'm taking that as "green."


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