Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spam. A Lot.

O goddamit. I have resisted using word verification on comments to my posts because I have always regarded feedback from you naughty pusses as the best part of this blog. Certainly the comments are the most amusing bits and in many cases the only way I have of knowing that my readers have not died or gone back to jail.

But suddenly, I am the victim of a rash of spammy comments. Cyrillic, Japanese or some other weird ass Asian looking gibberish, dubious English, all of them including as the only recognizable elements words like "Shart" "lesbian" "Viagra". Scarily enough sometimes all in the same stewpot of a sentence. And always, oddly, in old, old posts that I had long since forgotten about and which have nothing in common. And pointless. Why some spam freak would want to attach to my blather about changing my email name is beyond me and yet that a particular, long-gone post draws them like flies to spilled honey. Or MJ's knickers.

Well,no more, motherfuckers. mrpeenee's security setting has been cranked up like Joan van Ark's jowls and it's going to stay that way.

To celebrate, a little man pussy:


  1. Alas, we all seem to be finding ourselves infiltrated by the dreaded Spambots.

    They're like ants at a picnic--they're everywhere.

    I too, have had to install the dreaded Word Verification. Earlier this week, I turned it off thinking I could deke out those vicious monsters, only to find yet another faux response. Some kind of erectile remedy in the guise of adoration.


  2. Sidebar: Genius post title.

  3. Mine are mainly in Russian and seem to be hitting the same posts over and over.

    By the way, I'm fashioning a pair of knickers out of your new hat, as we speak.

  4. I'm sure they'll be most striking.

  5. Shart Viagra Shart lesbian Viagra.


  6. Nothing like some Man Pussy to start my Monday morning! Glad you are getting tough with the spam. SO FAR, I've been lucky.

  7. What is shart? Should Miss J know this word???

  8. Oh darling, the fact that you DON'T know it speaks so highly of your refined sensibility. It is, tragically, a portmanteau of "Shit" and "Fart." Not that I would know anything about that.

  9. Golly, I guess things DO go better with Coke...

    Sorry 'bout the spam, sugar. It's the price of fame as you expand your brand management.

  10. Even with word verification I still get a few slip through, but nowhere near as many.

    One thing I hate is the fake compliment some of them put at the start of their comment It's like meeting someone at a party and before you've even got the last of the pleasantries over they're trying to sell you Amway. Or Scientology. Or penis enlargement.

  11. 昨日友達とセフレを作るのが難しいな~、出会い系サイトの規制が厳しいはとか話してて、アダルトSNSのサイトが今のところは狙い目やって聞いたから使ってみたけど、近場で楽にセフレを作れてホンマ手軽やはwww


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