Thursday, July 22, 2010

Workaday Life

Have you ever come in to work and discovered you have a few dozen new emails waiting for you? That means before you even stumbled off the elevator you were behind. And have you ever decided, seeing that list of petulant subject lines, "I'll go through these, but I'm deleting any of them that are too much trouble. I can always deny getting the stupid things." Have you ever done that? Certainly I never have. And if that bitch from the state economic development office says any different, you really shouldn't listen to her. She's on the dope, you know.

Also, I'd like everyone to say hello to our new houseboy Pendulus Octarian.
He'll be helping out in the commissary, filling cupcakes. He's a muffin stuffer.


  1. Is Pendulus the Official Stud Muffin Muffin Stuffer?

    Or just filling in?

  2. I'm back to click the "email follow-up comments" box.

    Don't mind me.

  3. Email... what ever happened to picking up the phone top bother someone? Or strolling into their office to present your bothersome self in person?

  4. At a previous work location, the man at the desk next to mine used to email me rather than turn and speak to me.

    I would have taken it personally but it turns out he did the same with everyone in his immediate vicinity.

  5. My ex-boss (yup---a lawyer) used to send memos on yellow paper typed by his secretary with EVERY SINGLE THING he wished to communicate (usually rants). You'd come in & there would be a stack of yellow pages emitting negative thoughts.

  6. Hello Pendulus. How is it swinging?
    Many moons ago when I worked for the NHS, I was known as the office meerkat, between the hours of 11am and 1pm I would be seen craning my neck in order to peer through the window at the passing mechanics going for their lunch.


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