Monday, August 23, 2010

It's a Sweet Life

We've been repeatedly assured by the local newsrag that this has been San Francisco's coldest summer on record. As if I need them to let me in on this breaking news. Fog, fog and more fog, sweaters in Junes, the fireplace roaring in July and no complaints from me. Well, maybe a few, I need the practice.

And then today, boom, a pleasant little break in the permafrost. Lovely and warm and the best part? This warm wave coincides with my jasmine blooming. Heady, delicate sweetness abounds. Mmmm.
When I planted this, on a trellis directly below my bedroom window, R Man was very struck and said how wonderful it would be to lay in bed and smell jasmine wafting by. I was more sceptical (as usual.) I wasn't even sure it could bloom here where it's so chilly and I only put it on that trellis because it was the only spot I had available. That's my gardening technique in one sentence: ignorant and sloppy. Whee.

R Man was proved right (as usual) and most summer evenings I can savor my own little Harlequin romance novel setting of jasmine perfume in my boudoir. On still, warm nights like this, though, the scent is astonishing. Heavenly. So I'm off to bed now to brood about going to work tomorrow and smell the jasmine.


  1. How absolutely fabulous! And you deserve nothing less.

  2. I can't help but picture you as Barbara Cartland.

  3. You're right....the smell of jasmine is like heaven.
    That's like the only the reason I live here.

  4. One of the best things we discovered about Casa Bob y Carlos upon purchasing her, were the gardenia bushes outside the master bedroom window. They bloom at least twice per year--as they are now--and it is so nice to go to sleep and wake up to such a fragrance.
    Jasmine is also a gorgeous scent!

  5. What a joyous thing to read with my first cup of coffee today. Peenee, you've made my morning!

  6. So jealous of the trellis.

    This has been the hottest summer in Florida on record.

    Not really but my air conditioner has not stopped running for four months now.

  7. I bet that is just marvelous -- blooming jasmine; my childhood home had a lilac tree near the bedrooms and I recall how sweet the evening air was. Nice memory...thanks for that.


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