Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hair Don't

Gosh golly, quick, somebody call The Hair Hall of Fame Hotline, I got a hairdo emergency.

It all started so innocently. I went in to get my hair did cheerful as all get out, totally unaware of the horror that lay ahead. That's when it all went so wrong, so tragically wrong: my regular beauty operator was not there. I was so stunned by the catastrophe, I actually agreed to let one of the other beautician take a crack at my coiffure. What a fool I was. I should have known no one understands my hair like Jeff.

And now, now that it's too late, all I can do is weep bitterly. I've tried voodoo, the Psychic Friends Network, pulling on it, but nothing helps. I have to go find my goddam turban.


  1. It's hard to tell from the picture what exactly is going on, but a turban is always stylish, especially when worn with the right caftan.

  2. I'm sure you would look smashing in a turban, or better still a sweater pinned with a brooch a la Little Edie.

  3. sometimes i wonder how they can claim to call themselves stylists...
    I do feel your pain. Damn Jeff for taking time off!
    I like the turban suggestions, just avoid the Demis Rusos style caftans....

  4. Maybe a head scarf ala Rhoda...

    Happy New Year Peenee.

  5. Oh hell, I borrowed the turban when I was there at Thanksgiving. Will bring it back in two weeks; in the meantime, can you make do with a stylishly arranged scarf?

  6. OK, Peenee. Your job is to remain calm.

    You didn't tip this person, did you?

    Her's the good news, it will grow back of you leave it alone. Try not to pull on it.

    Although I do like the caftan/turbin idea. Just pretend that you are Allen Carr.

  7. Oh for heaven’s sake.

    The obvious choice is your HAT!

  8. Also you might try a mascara wand to add length and volume.

  9. Just to be fair because I'm right behind you in the hair department...I find that if I tell the stylist which (hair) to cut things go more smoothly.

  10. just suck it up, and tell people you meant to do it. these cretins will be sporting the same 'do in a week. besides, with your natural handsomeness you can pull it off. still lookin' good to kabuki

  11. A fez, perhaps?
    And there again, I would suggest a nice linen caftan or maybe a silk smoking jacket & ascot.

  12. How about a big purple Fedora hat worn at a jaunty angle? You can tell people you're paying hommage to Quentin Crisp.

  13. As usual, Mistress MJ has a firm grip on what to do here. Miss J will simply add that in some jurisdictions, this is a hangin' offense. She assumes San Fran is one of them.

    Happy New Year, Mr. P.

  14. Might be time for a membership in the "Red Hat Society."

    But I like the beret idea too as long as you carry it through by not bathing and smoking like a fiend.

    I adore the term 'beauty operator'...

  15. To me a man with a shaved head is absolutely and positively hot. Would you consider that option? I am sure it would be very becoming.

    I had a similar feeling but mine was because I started to go white at age 30; then "Just for Men" was giving me blisters on my scalp and stopped using it. There you have it...totally can be devastating. Yet, there are those who are mad about white hair on men. Go



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