Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bang It

So I bought a gong. Yeah, it's pretty cool. What, are you trying to say you've never wanted one? As if.

When I was a very young little faglette, I was in band in junior high and high school. I was a band fag. In every band room, there was a gong and an absolute rule against hitting it. Of course, the need to do so was equally absolute, but the thing is, striking a gong is not something you can do covertly. It is in the nature of the beast, not going to happen.

So lo these many, many years later I was noodling along on the internet and suddenly recalled my long suppressed desire for a gong. I am not good at suppressing much of anything, let alone when I have a credit card at hand and a website called singing its siren song. And now I have a gong.

It's lovely, hammered brass on a tasteful elm stand with a beautiful resonant tone. It's pretty badass. I hit it every time I pass it. The down side: it alarms Saki. The best thing: it alarms Saki.

I really am a bad person.


  1. Mistress MJ insists that you cease and desist alarming Saki immediately.

    If you do not obey this order, Mistress MJ will tell Saki to poo in your shoe.

  2. Didn't Gomez Adams have a big gong (as it were)? If so, an excellent role model!

  3. does mr. eddie's father cum when you gong?

  4. You're dirty, sweet, and you're my bandfag!! (join me in worshipping Marc Bolan)

  5. First Fred's cat-intruder, now the gong! That poor Saki is just biding his time before taking revenge... Jx

  6. Nice!
    Now you just need to get some houseboys to participate in a "talent" show of some sort.
    You can be Jaye P. Morgan.

  7. As long as you don't feel the need to use it whilst you're 'entertaining at home'. That would not be ideal.

  8. Dear Saki,

    You would be perfectly justified if you got over your reaction to the gong, and learned to sound it with your paw whenever you wanted something. Even if you just want your ears rubbed. At 3 am. When a very tired Mr. P has just fallen asleep. Repeat again if he's still sleeping when you want your breakfast.

    After all, cats don't have owners. They have staff.

    Anonymous, too

  9. That gong is the most perfect house accessory ever! please add kabuki to your gift-giving list, and a hint GONG GONG GONG. Bang-a-gong indeed. You are so special.

    1. It's just the thing to go with any number of attractive kimonos.

  10. Should I bring my kimono collection when I come? And love the gong . . . though I may feel differently after my visit.

  11. I think you should certainly bring every kimono you can lay your hands on and I intend to search your baggage before you leave to make sure the gong stays right here.

  12. Please. My baggage will be full of all the fabulous finds from the thrift stores; who will have room for a gong?


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