Friday, October 26, 2012

Define "Gay"

Everybody knows I like the porn, right?  I have an archivist knowledge of the subject as well as an aficionado's fondness of it.  So when the topic of Resse Rideout, porn person, and his being straight while professionally having sex with other men came up (on some really unfortunate VH1 show,) I was less than impressed.  Plenty of guys doing the nasty in gay porn and other rent-type boys insist they are straight.  Maybe they really are just interested in easy money, maybe they gots issues.  Either way, I don't particularly care.

What struck me more in this instance was the substantial gap in appearance between the mister and his missus:

Reese, the kind of muscley smoothness and pretty face I'm so darn fond of.

Mme. Rideout, who looks like she would be someone you could turn to if you were interested in finding out the current price of crystal meth.

Also, as a side note, there was a period when Reese Rideout's face looked sort of odd.  I thought he had had cheap work done, but now seeing his charming wife, I wonder if, instead, it was recreational chemicals.

Cause he's not gay.  Heavens no.


  1. Maybe she's really good with a strap-on. . .

  2. actually, the girlfriends of the straight muscley types I've seen are just as plain as she is.
    Not sure what's up there.

    1. Or fat. Every time I see that, I'm amazed.

    2. It amazes me too. Perhaps men like that are pie-curious, if so, they should only be consumed out of the view of the general public on account of its embarrassing nature.

  3. She's definitely got meth face. And he is so not my type, which is saying something, since I have no standards.

  4. i'd only hope he would recite,
    "i'm not gay" while impaled by an enormous dildo.

  5. He's not necessarily my type, but from what I've seen of his oeuvre, he's definitely an enthusiastic performer, which is in itself always endearing. In the several scenes in which he's been teamed up with the delectable Mr. Chris Rockway, it's fairly clear we're not talking two Kinsey Zeros here...

  6. Reece is adorable. I'd take it up the poop pipe for him. The real question is does he French kiss men. If he doesn't he's straight. If he does his chances of him really being gay grow exponentially.

  7. I looked into this matter. I stopped having an opinion on his straightness at the 214 mark. Twice.


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