Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vote Now!

A ginger selling something or the other.  Who knows?

My dears. the polls are OPEN and the race is on.  First the UN votes Palestine as a state; and then that slattern MJ has opened the Kitchen Queen contest over at Infomaniac ; and now you can vote for the smut of your choice at  Cybersocket

Secret Agent Fred and I spent an amusing time last night reviewing their lists ("stars," products, sites and other ephemera) and vetting the prospects. I meant to save the best for a post here today, like this

but I realize now that I failed to note what, or who, the different pictures were of so I just wound up with a big ol' pile of smut.  Regrettable.

Part of the problem is that all-too-common bugaboo of internet browsing: distraction.  Fred and I started out looking up names from Cybersockets' lists that we didn't recognize, but that quickly turned into each of us sharing with the other our favorite performers or auteurs or nastiest or freakiest and the whole thing dissolved into a jungle of unrelated tabs.

People like feets.

One  of things that I was reminded of is how often porn stars (or "people of porn" as I like to call them) turn up with those weird eye problems known as "wall-eyed" or "wandering eye" (Wikipedia kindly informs us this is properly called strabismus.)  Persons less nice than me refer to this as "seeing you coming and going" "being able to drop a dime and pick up two nickels" or simply "da crazy eye."

In other fields of entertainment this condition is more of a handicap, but in the egalitarian world of feelthy pictures what's in your pants seems to cancel everything else out.

And who gets MY vote?  Beats me.  I'm still doing research.  Or "research."  Because I am thorough, bitches.

Here's a partial list of crazy eyed beauties.

Scott Carter.  He's Spanish so of course his nom d'porn is "Scott Carter."  Of course.

Francesco D'Macho.  Nice dick, unfortunate eyes.
Jonathan Agassi. "Hey!  I'm over here! Hey!  Oh."

Jimmy Durano.  I am so ashamed of even commenting on these boys' slight disability when they are blessed with so many other sterling qualities.


  1. Crazy Eyes; Hard Dick.......

    Just open up and take your medicine dear.

  2. francesco, my dear, come sit next to me.

    1. Honey, he's going to have to close one eye to figure out there aren't two of you. But then, maybe he's into twins.

  3. I get strabismus watching it. Jx

  4. Why aren't you listed under Best Muscle Pussy blog?

  5. Well, better walleyed than balleyed. That's what I always say.
    Wait, is it?

  6. Pray,what is the black circular rubber thing in the first picture?


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