Friday, June 7, 2013

Picture It

Ask the Cool Cookie comments in our photo blathering post below "... what am I contract working on at this moment? A professional photo organizer. At least I get paid to do it."  I say Right On, Girl, but am astonished at the same time.  It's difficult enough slogging through all my own photographic proof of shenanigans long gone, and I know, in large part, who the shenaniganners are.  I can't imagine how you could deal with a stack of strangers mugging at the camera.

For instance, in digging through a tasteful box of loose prints, I wind up brooding, "I know that's Diane, but what's with the guy wearing a pig on his head?"  What happens when Cookie runs across the equivalent of this porcine portrait?  How many can you file under "Miscellaneous?"  Plenty, I suppose.

Courageously enough, I am making room by throwing away some.  Editing, editing, always editing.  Photos of somebody's dog, studio portraits of in-laws who always irritated me, school pictures of tiny tykes who I would be unable to pick out of lineup now (and that seems like a fate that could certainly be awaiting some of them.)  Somehow it seems radically daring to toss them, but honestly, I have thousands of others that I'm actually interested in, why hang on to the flotsam?

Speaking of Shenanigans, here's mrpeenee modeling the latest in endangered polyester, courtesy of a friend who has drifted off, the victim of time and tides.  How I wish I could say differently about the coat, but she took it with her.  Rats.

And if I were fortunate enough to have the original of this, would I ever toss it?  Certainly not.  As Diana Vreeland once said "I miss fringe."


  1. Oh, you see some interesting images - some lads, shirts off in the 70s laying in the sun, or some men, shirtless, hanging around a Jeep during a war. One man instructed me, after I opened an envelope of fey guys in costume to scan them and file them under "Little Theater" Alright, then, if you insist.

  2. I just wonder....where is that little girl now?
    Is she ok?

    And I think MJ's onto something....Auntie Peenee... The Musical!
    Get cracking!

    1. yet mr. peenee would be perfect in the role as
      tottering vera charles! might she play them both?

  3. i was just remarking to someone how much
    i've always liked you in a 3/4 length sleeve.

  4. Jason, the little girl is about to be a senior in high school and seems to be doing fine, from what I gather. And Peenee, dear, of course that's Steve in the pig's head; who else would it be?

  5. Someone could make a lot of money selling those pig heads in Arkansas on football Saturdays.


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