Sunday, October 15, 2023

In Which We Are Eclipsed


A solar eclipse, even a partial one, is the kind of nerdy phenomenon that always interests me.  So when this latest one was going to pass Northern California, I was all in.  

Then the morning of it, I set my alarm, spring from my bed, and was confronted with 

the densest overcast you can imagine.  Gray as a landlord's heart, foggy as mrpeenee's attention span.  The weather seemed determined to make a point; it was even more overcast than usual, certainly more than was necessary to foil any attempt at eclipse watching.

I love San Francisco, I do, and the fog here is just part of the package.  An afternoon in Houston was enough to remind me how much I adore our chilly weather.  We just have to accept views of things like meteor showers or fireworks or eclipses are going to have to fight it out with the fog and the fog always wins.

Guys who also always win:

Matthew Cameron, now with extra photoshopped meat.

Sometimes, muscles are enough.  Julian Aryouelo.

Levy Van Wilgen.  I have simply given up trying to avoid the sins of photoshop

The overwhelming Marbys Negretti.  Sometimes he goes by Mr. Kent.

A new favorite here at mrpeenee Enterprises, Jett Wayne.

Jett also frequently poses as the gas station attendant of your dreams.  Cleanup on aisle My Dick.

I think Steven Dehler looks better with longer hair, but who is gonna argue with that ass?

Jon Kale, one of those Bel Ami sluts.  I wish I had a round window.

Marbys Negretti again.  I wanted to mention how much I admire great big muscley guys who are also enthusiastiic bottoms.

Let's end on a classical note, Jake Tanner from Colt Studios.


  1. Any kind of celestial activity - whether comet sightings, meteor storms or eclipses - are generally masked by looming grey clouds here in London, too. You're not alone... Jx

    PS a "Bel Ami slut" would do very nicely, no matter the shape of his window.

    1. I usually like the fog here, I find it soothing, and really, as soon as I saw the eclipse would be here before noon , I was pretty sure there would be no seeing it.

  2. It may be foggy outside and the fog of war may be wafting about, but there's nothing foggy about the boys.

  3. The fog comes in on little cat feet. So do kittens. You could get some to keep your houseboys entertained....

    Anonymous, too

    1. The houseboys can go play in the fog if they're bored.

  4. Evidently the eclipse was splendid here, but I was asleep.

  5. Even on the foggiest of days, with near invisibility, we'd no doubt find out way around and in Steven's lovely ass.

  6. Jett looks like he’s dressed for a revival of Li’l Abner.

    Found a picture of Steve Reeves as Li’l Abner.

    1. I was thinking just the other day how odd it was that Al Capp, the creator of Lil Abner, would sexualize Abner's appearance (he always appeared with a bulge the size of a volkswagen) since he was straight and since the strip appeared in mainstream papers.

      Ohmygod, Steve Reeves. Think what a star that body would be now.

    2. My husband, in 1961, at age 13, on seeing Steve in Hercules decided he was moving to Hollywood to marry Steve. What Steve wanted was not a concern.

  7. Our visibility was slim to none to begin with and then the clouds rolled in.
    I, instead, enjoyed the full moon of Steven Dehler, always a treat!

  8. You have British weather, but thankfully not British men!


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