Sunday, March 10, 2024

In Which We Consider Photographic Proof


Our dear friend Bobby claims that I only write this blog in order to complain.  To prove what nonsense that is, let me point out that it was a lovely day this afternoon and the cherry trees in the Castro are already starting to bloom.

I spent the afternoon organizing old printed photos, by which I mean I would pick pictures up out of one stack and put them in another and do absolutely nothing about them.  I have a rough estimate that I probably have about 3, 000 photos. I never ever go back and look at them, but I decided I'm going to try and cull out the really dead wood and make some room in the closet that the boxes they live in are currently occupying.

I hired an organizer to come in on Wednesday and look through all these stacks and piles of so many much younger mrpeenees.  My direction to the organizer is simple: pitch all the pictures that have no people in them. 

My beloved R Man and my sainted mother shared one common trait, they were terrible photographers.  Both demanded that the subject freeze and stand perfectly still while they tried to push the shutter button.  Inevitably the result was a crooked blur that they swore was a picture.  R Man dealt with his photography limitation by taking pictures of mostly landscapes because mountains don't move.  Thus about easily a third of those 3,000 are just random mountains and forests and streets. When I look back at them, all I see are images that I already remember.  So those 50, 60 shots of the hotel in Glacier Park in 1988? Out.  Actual pictures of friends and relatives, many of whom have moved on to the other side of the grass, those I'll keep.

Here's a few that I've already run into and decided to put in the keep pile.

A tiny little mrpeenee, circa 1956, with my father, I think in Galveston.  What strikes me most about this, aside from how absolutely adorable I was, is how very dark my father was.  He had beautiful olive skin that never burned and would tan in the time it took him to cross a street.  Did he pass that gene down to me?  Hell no.

Speaking of adorable. 

A teenaged mrpeenee, with more hair than brains, and my baby niece Amber, apparently fresh from some vampire festival.

Dear god.  mrpeenee and my good friend Keith, on whom I had SUCH a crush.  We were visiting my family at a small town near Austin famous for its charming little river, we would spend the day floating down it in inner tubes.  We also spent the day smoking excessive amounts of pot, hence our sort of dazed expressions.  Man, he was cute.

While we are on the subject of cute, here we have our dear, dear friend Magda (left) and oh so adorable R Man.  We had some guy build a couple of cabinets for his kitchen and then Magda helped by painting them.  Since it he didn't want to get paint on his clothes, he just took them off.  My the life we had in New Orleans.

More pictures:

Quinn Christopher Jaxon and all his big meat


Beach time is coming.  Do you have your bikini ready?

I wish I knew his name.

More anonymous beef


  1. How fabulous to "rediscover" your own history like this! I have been meaning to get a photo scanner (or use a photo-scanning service) for my/our myriad albums for years, but have always been put off by the cost good [home scanning devices with a feeder cost more that £500, and scanning services need some research as the costs vary immensely]. Jx

    PS Surfer boy, please

    1. Because I am an elder, I actually have a printer for my computer and it has a scanner built in. That's the only reason I was able to upload these pictures.

  2. Thanks for sharing photos (don't know why it won't let me post with my account) Boz B

    1. You should have seen the ones I didn't share

  3. Boy those are buttchops!!!! And you have not changed much, you still look the same... except you got taller and have a bigger cock. Yes yes, we haven't met for me to know that, but just admit, it is true.

    And had I seen you and Keith out in a club, I believe I would have tried to get in the sheets with you both. Swooning.

  4. All babies are cute except one kid who was born next door to me when I was young. Ugliest kid I ever saw.

    I have a box with my families photos and another of my husband’s family photos. All of them will get tossed when I die.

    I had someone come through my place to see what they would like to buy. I was asked if I had any photos of people doing things. If you have any of those I would keep them..

    1. I'm going to hand off all the family pictures to my nieces. They can do with them as they please.

  5. I think it's good you are keeping photos of family and friends. Does this mean the organizer pitched photos of The Evil and Adorable One in which he wasn't mauling someone? (The guy on the beach doesn't need a bikini; he needs directions to my place.)

    1. I'm so glad you reminded me, I have to tell the organizer to be sure to keep any kitty pictures.

  6. Well, that was just a trip down all sorts of memory lanes for me! Keith, Burt, R Man, Magda (and hi, Amber)! I look forward to seeing more.

  7. What a lovely baby you were, I've started lactating, can one breast feed with pierced nipples?

    I'm doing something similar with my new address book, sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

    Anonymous Beef, I'm a bit nervous about uncut cocks, some smell like a public toilet when they're rolled back.


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