Monday, April 1, 2024

In Which mrpeenee Goes to Paris

My friend hot foot gave me a beret as a combo birthday/bon voyage present

Allons, bitches.  Lafayette, we are here, and all that.  Paris is forcing all of its charms on me.  I'm sure I will be able to revel in them soon, but right now I feel like I have spent all night on a plane.  Mostly because I did.

Let me hasten to assure you, it was a great flight.  We were in first class with seats that turned into flat beds and I took full advantage of mine.  Plus pretty much when I wasn't sacked out snoozing, I was eating.  An appetizer course, a lunch course, a cheese course, snacks, followed by nappy time, and then breakfast.  Amazingly, it was all delicious.  I had heard before that Air France delivers the goods when it comes to eating, and they really did.  The flight attendant offered me orange juice with breakfast and and when I refused it, he let me know, in a very frenchy way, that that was the wrong answer.  But then he gave me extra croissants, so no hard feelings I guess.

The bed was easy to adjust, but I think you would need to be both whimsical and overly optimistic to describe it as comfortable.  But then again the big problem was that, much like the rest of the world, It was not designed for a tall man.  I persevered though and managed to serve wedge myself in and slept from somewhere over Colorado to somewhere over Normandy.  Ooh la la.

Now Diane and I are settled into a charming small hotel on the Ile de la Cite.  
And I have a massage scheduled in a couple of hours.  Again I say woohoo, bitches.  April in Paris.  

Nude dudes:
Long time commenter Jeff has tipped us off that comments in the last post were not showing up.  I don't know what's up with that, I'm hoping it's a one-time problem and not something I need to investigate, cuz I'm in Paris, bitches.

This hotel is in an 18th century building, which is very charming, but I think their Wi-Fi is from the same period because my internet connection is pretty shaky.  Will this post see the light of day?  It's an adventure.

I will cut this short because, all this internet access woes are getting on my nerves.  Adieu mon amis.


  1. Ooh la la, indeed! Good to see from your happy smiling face that you really love "settling in with the natives" in that beret... Jx

    PS Mr Butt-chops looks lovely from that angle - I wonder what his face is like?

  2. Silly boy! You should have taken the orange juice, asked for Champagne and Cointreau, and made yourself a mimosa!

    Anonymous, too

  3. All you need is a Sobrinie to hang out of your mouth and you're good to go. Enjoy your trip and massage.

  4. May we (see what I did there) wish you a glorious time?

  5. Ooh, your flight sounds like it was wonderful. I could stand to travel first class Air France even with un petit lit. But only if the flight attendant can give out a stern telling off!

    I hope you're enjoying your massage!

  6. I have stayed in a very similar hotel room in Paris! Have the best time!

  7. Happy birthday, Peenee! It's this coming Friday, if I'm not mistaken?


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