Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Decorating Project That Would Not Die

The stupid Good Taste fabric in our guest room simply did not work, so I ripped it down and now Urban Street Pirate (goddess love him) is painting it a rather fabulous dark olive green. Should you be in the market for a drag name, let me recommend the one attached to this particular shade: Jade Romanesque. You know there was lotsa laffs over drinks at lunch the day the Benjamin Moore marketing geniuses came up with that one.
R Man (and goddess love him too) has jumped enthusiastically onto the redecorating bandwagon. Honest to Lady Jezzus, my original idea was just to change the color of the walls in there, but R Man recognized this as a prime chance to rid ourselves of the last vestige of the carpet that came with the house when we bought it. Ice blue, low pile shag, it was originally in almost every room and now only remains in the guest room and the upstairs hall. It’s long since turned into ice blue dirt and I’m plenty glad to see the last of it by replacing it with a lovely caramel and brown low weave, almost industrial carpet, but I hadn’t actually planned on dropping that particular wad of cash right now.

The beds in there were two extra long twins that had at one time made up the king bed in R Man’s room. Visitors occasionally described the sleeping accommodations as “spending the night in Lucy and Ricky’s bedroom.” Bitches. So ok, we’re replacing them with a queen bed with a very plain headboard.

I salvaged several big panels of the Good Taste fabric and our seamstress lady, Mrs. Draper (not making it up, I don’t have to) is running up a pair of curtains from them.

And a new dresser cause there isn’t one now. And a new chair since the old one Just Will Not Do. It’s like a goddam Visa ad, except without the “priceless” punchline.

In the middle of all the ka-ching racket of a steadily mounting budget, we noticed Saki, the adorable and evil cat, has resumed puking. A quick visit to the vet this morning, including a $200 x-ray, reveals the little idiot has swallowed something slightly bigger than a pencil eraser (do people even use pencils any more?) Big enough not pass through kitty innards and so (ka-ching) we have an appointment scheduled for Thursday morning with the cat surgeon to open him up and remove it, whatever it is.

Just doing my part to get the economy moving.


  1. Lovely tale.

    Incidentally, my latest drag name is Pearl Necklace.

  2. You'll always be Miss Pearl to me.

  3. Hmmm....I think I've seen Jade Romanesque....and don't you know it, she had "caramel and brown low weave" too.

  4. If you need help moving the furniture, I know a dog that can help.

  5. I painted my (very small) bathroom a dark olive green. It was sexy and I loved it. My husband...not so much. Wait....I love the husband. The husband didn't love the green bathroom. Haa..

    While you're redecorating, feel free to redo my bedroom. It's a sad uninspiring space. Meh.

  6. I'm ready to book now; can't wait to see it! And I (and my colleagues) actually edit on paper using pencils with erasers. Who sez Texas is backward?

  7. I used to feel guilty when I spent money. Now I feel like a freaking saint!

  8. I spent $800 bucks to remove a 'toss glitter ball' from a cat's innards upon our return from a 10-day KEY WEST vacation. Turns out the lil' .99cent 'toy' that I thought would be completely harmless got stuck. Only we didn't do the surgical removal we had the two-night vet stay, IV drip bags because of dehydration, and a (no pun) cat scan rack up the damage until "Miss Pearl" (another no pun intended/actual cat name) POOPED it out.

    Sorry for the book. I think "Martini Romanesque" has a nice ring to it as well.

  9. I too have a seamstress named Draper. It must be a family custom or you have to do what your last name tells you to do.

    My favorite drag name swatch is Japonica Rouge.


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