Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In the Grip of the Grippe

Maybe you’ve noticed every other blog includes pathetic whimpering posts about the cold or flu the writer is overwhelmed by. In my ceaseless effort to stay au courant, to remain ahead of the curve, to leave the Joneses in the dirt, I am now sick myself. Snotty and achy with a dry hacking cough that sounds like a student production where they decided to create a mashup of Camille and La Boheme. I am staying home from work today and, oh boy, this is also the day the new carpet is being installed. I’m sure it’s not really any louder than a small war being fought in our guest room and I’m dealing with all the dust stirred up by inhaling it so it doesn’t mess up the house. That’s just how I am, giving, giving, always giving. Do you think it’s possible to drown in your own snot?

I wish I had a houseboy who was talented in nursing, but when you pick them based on their pole dancing ability, like Wolfgang Cupertino here, I guess you can't have everything.


  1. How noble of you to sniff up all those the lines of dust! I’m sure it takes you back to the Linda Blair Roller Boogie disco days in the bathrooms. And yes Camille I’m quite certain that drowning in ones own snot is a leading cause of death. I thought Nurse Cherry Ames was in residence at Chez PeeneĆ© is she not? Relax and let her tend to you while you enjoy the pole dancing. I’m sending you the sentiments from my newly incorporated line of belated sympathies cards, “I hope you got well.”

  2. Damn, the Piarate is a sassy wench today.

    Miss J had returned to work but is still no where near to being well. She hope Mr. P has a quicker recovery and that the beasts who are installing his new carpet have to decency to keep the noise down at least a bit. Oh, and do Mr. P's drapes match the carpet?

  3. Okay...I’m...sorry...I do hope that you get to feeling better soon really I do. The colds and flu’s are over in these parts but the pollen...the pollen is sickening everyone. Stay clear of the carpets for awhile until the toxic fumes subside...they have been known to be deadly. Nurse Ames should know this...she’s probably out on the stoop smoking with her sister April and those layabout houseboys.

  4. Sweet Jesus! Are we all getting the same damn flu?

    Sorry you're not feeling well. Is Ccherry related to april Ames by any chance?

  5. Grippe? that what you're calling him then?


  6. Oh, dear. Do get well, Mimi-Marguerite. Despite the cocktail fiasco of a few weeks ago, I do recommend a Wee Drinkie; if nothing else, it amplifies the antihistamines in a most entertaining way.

    Perhaps you need to be stricter with the carpetlayers? Now there's a premise we haven't seen since the glory days of Falcon loops!

  7. Are you sure it’s not simply a case of the dreaded ManFlu?

  8. If you play your cards right you may very well end up a model sample size.

    Just saying: look for the silver lining.

    (feel better)

  9. Better not comment. I don't want to get it too.

    And yes. It has been scientifically proven that you, Mr. P, can drown in your own snot. Not anyone else. Only you.

    Feel better.

  10. Hey Peenee! Aren't you better yet?!

  11. Miss J hope that Mr. P has been too busy chasing houseboys to write. And that he is not still in the grip of hte Grippe.


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