Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boys Gone By

It is tragically, tragically true that as a very young gay boy, I had the hots for Jethro Bodine, aka Max Baer. Fortunately, the infatuation passed.
I also was drawn to Ricky Nelson, a phenotype (pretty, luscious lips, thick hair) I NEVER outgrew.He's mine.


  1. No Beverly Hillbillies residuals, obvs. Bed-in-a-Bag, Max? Oh dear.

    I also had lusty eyes for Get Smart's Dick Gautier. I can only imagine that even as a tender pre-teen, I had unclean thoughts about what I could program Hymie the Robot to do for me.

    Hymie shows up about 1:28 in.

  2. Well, with that come hither, off the shoulder look he's working, I don't know how *anyone* could resist the charms of Jethro there.

    Anyway, I remember feeling all tingly and confused while watching Parker Stevenson for some reason.

  3. Jethro shouldn't be so casual about who he throws outta bed. Even a woeful Teddy Bear needs love, too.

    Nice lipstick on Ricky. Miss J will let Mr. P keep him.

  4. Jethro was cute in his double naught spy days but Ricky was the dreamiest.

  5. omg!! jethro? what happened??? ricky cute. i'll let you have him this time...


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