Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crimes of the Cat

I don't know why people think cats are incapable of math. The Evil and Adorable Saki has no trouble determining the exact mathematical center of my bed. And then clinging to it immovably, assuring that I get to nap in a Z formation around him.


  1. Aren't cats and dogs incredibly talented at this? I've never figured out how a small pet can take up an entire queen size bed. But they do!!!

  2. Silly man.....that's because you are supposed to sleep on the couch when the cat is on the bed! It's in The Rules Of Cat Ownership, you know....

  3. What Amy said....except that when you go sleep on the couch the cats come and take that over.
    They don't want us resting; they want us on edge.
    It's part of their plan.

  4. I'd comment on the E&A S, but I'm still recovering from my bite . . . .

  5. Ah...your genius
    I can only dream one day to be able to claim such a title: "evil and adorable."

  6. Sweetie, I already think of you as both Evil and Adorable. And several other adjectives as well. Feel free to apend them to your name: Jeisean, the Pearlescent and Portable, for instance. Think how it would perk up your parent/teacher consultations.

  7. Aaw. Mr. P's evil overlord is such a cutie, tho. And at least he's not he size of, say, Miss J's Jenkins who takes up far more space AND likes to push.


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