Friday, September 25, 2009


Thombeau, the zany empress of Fabulon, has decided to close up shop and shut down the site. Am I bummed? Yes, I am totally bummed. A trip to Fabulon is the highpoint of my day, and I adore the old darling. Still, I’m sure coming up with the breathtaking scope of images he does every single day must be tiring, to say the least, so I suppose he deserves his break. I just hope he returns soon.

Please note the entire absence of jokes about gender reassignment, rehab, and/or Nicole Richie here. I am restraining myself.


  1. It’s a well known fact that being fabulous means disappearing for long periods of time on benders or binges or bennies. I’ve come to expect that from Fabulon, but it is a little like crying wolf or maybe a cry for help, I can never remember which. I shall miss Fabulon everyday until Thombeau returns.

  2. How do you know he's rolling up the sidewalk? Seemed to me that he was taking more of a break than a permanent exhile to another planet.

  3. Could he be circling Uranus?

    I miss him already.

    Shall we call an emergency Board of Directors meeting?

  4. Well, apparently, Thombeau has rolled up the sidewalk AND taken the Board table. Oh, well, in order to be Fabulous one must chart their own course, not be afraid to explore for new places of fabulosity, and lead, rather than simply follow. I pledge to do my best, but I hope he reconsiders at some point in the future and returns to orbit...

  5. I, for one, refuse to believe that Fabulon would implode upon itself, so soon after being reborn.

    To Ayem8y's point, Fabulousness takes time and energy; one must recharge before embarking on new fabulous adventures.

    besides, the Fabulon board of directors knows that the orbiting planets of Fabulon will launch armies of destruction should the Emperor of Fabulon choose to disappear.

  6. I hate it when people live their own lives and don't organize everything around OUR needs! Selfish selfish selfish! Hmph!

  7. Fabulon has something like 5000+ posts!! And I think he did the blog for about two years....that's quite voluminous! I'm glad Thom has taken a break to focus on his passion, his music.

  8. I was terribly sad to hear this! I loved that blog and like Mr. Peenee I visited all the time.

    I hope that Thom would consider doing the live chat on Oscar night! Seriously one of the highlights of last year for me.

    I also miss the many hilarious guests of Fabulon, they too were a big part of my day. If you are reading this, please know I miss you, and hope you all are well.


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