Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dark Side of Arcanta

R Man went into his office today for a half day of work where he wrote briefs or did some kind of lawery thingy. He's recovering nicely, except he can't sleep, in fact he hasn't slept in the last nine nights, so he's plenty glum and tired, but surely he'll eventually doze off, right? Our whole life together he's had a tough time sleeping and is slightly resentful of my one talent, snoozing. If I lie down and close my eyes, I go to sleep, it's like step one, step two, step three. One of the main reasons we have separate bedrooms now, aside from my supersonic snoring, is that it irritated him to lie there awake watching me in the arms of Morpheus.

Over the last few weeks, my stumbles into unconsciousness have involved lying in the dark listening to Arcanta, Book of Mirrors, the fabulous CD from Thom Ayers, Little Miss Fabulon himself. The whole experience reminds vividly of being a sullen teen ager, in my bed late a night with Dark Side of the Moon on the turntable waiting for my life to start. I'm so glad it finally did.


  1. back to work already?

    Sheesh...shouldn't he be eating icecream in bed or something healthy like that?

    So, what sort of fabulous dreams does your Arcanta listening inspire?

  2. There were, in fact, sexy dwarves around during the recording process. They prefer to be called sexy little people.

    So glad you've been listening to book of Mirrors! That's awesome.

    Like R Man, I have had crazy insomnia for the past month or so. Laying in bed for hours until it gets light out, then finally dozing. Thank goodness I don't have to go anywhere! I'm still waiting for my life to begin. I think it will take off in about a month...


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