Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dance of the Houseboys

The houseboys wanted to surprise us with a performance of their interpretive danse "Homage d'Equinox" to celebrate R Man's splendid and rapid recovery from heart surgery a mere five weeks ago. I considered pointing out that we are nowhere near the equinox, but they had already made their dainty costumes and I hate to see the look on their little faces when I disappoint them like that, so I just bit my lip and applauded ever so enthusiastically.

I'm sure you recognize Claudio Eugene, Hippolyte Auguste, and Seamus Tallulah, but you might not know our newest, Stubby.


  1. Didn't you used to have more? Oh, that's right, they ran away!

  2. This is merely the corps d'ballet of the houseboys. Bitch.

  3. what is the appropriate age for a princess entering the early stages of queendom to acquire her first houseboy?

    i heard there's a rule something along the lines of those used by mother's who pass down pearls and diamonds to their daughters. i would hate to cause scandal and bring shame to my home simply for not knowing proper household caretaking ettiquette.


  4. I say if you can get 'em, you're old enough to have 'em.


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