Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Forever Young

I am once again working late. I do this a lot. The training program here is my baby and making sure the evening classes go ok is my responsibility and yadda, yadda, yadda. What concerns me more are the Youth of Today. We have three unpaid interns in our office and two of them are here tonight, as they are on so many other nights. Let's review the salient points, shall we? It's a lovely summer evening in San Francisco, they're young and they are spending this time in a fluorescent office with a cranky ole queen who wishes they would just go home so he could turn up the New Order pop tunes on his computer. These children are wasting prime scalawag time when they could be out experimenting with who knows what substances; voluminous, exotic cocktails; and alternative sexualities, but no, they sit around here typing and grunting. Wait, maybe that's me. Still, they're here. Go home, I want to say, go out and get laid. Do you think that complete lack of crow's feet is going to last forever? WRONG. Why, when I was their age...oh never mind.


  1. kids today have no work hang on to them fuckers and stop bitching

    and turn the music up anyway - let em see there is life after....25

  2. Why not just throw one (or all three) of them over your desk, doggie-style, with New Order blasting in the background?

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but no. I'm sure they're fuckable, just not by me. Two of them are Girls With Vaginas (GWV) and the third is one of those very rare specimens, a male who doesn't interest me.

  4. Honey, when you were their age you were working late after having exotic cocktails and other substances, if I recall. . .

  5. GWV. That is my new Most. Favorite. Acronym. Ever.

  6. Ronda
    That's exactly my point, or something very like it.

    It's all for you.

  7. This is why a society needs elders, to teach the young.

  8. EXACTLY! I see your point in our agency some nights of the week.

    I want to shout: "You're young! Get the fuck outt'a here! Go dancing!" But yet they sit with their noses in brand reports and spreadsheets.

    Why, in my day, I had a clear understanding of "work/fuck" balance. Just saying.

    ::Studio 54 acolyte::


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