Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad Houseboy. Bad, Bad Houseboy.

Unfortunately, what with our frequent trips out of town lately, the houseboys have been slacking off dreadfully. Franciscus Patricius, for instance, hasn’t even looked at the chapters in Critique of Pure Reason I assigned him and also failed to file my state income tax. I’m afraid I’m going to have really crack the whip, so to speak, to get everybody back in line and you know how I hate to be perceived as a disciplinarian.

At least our new patented House Boy Wander Guard and Alarm System kept that awful gang of Thombeau, TJB, Jason, Ray Ray, Larry and all the rest of you from pilfering any of the goods while our back was turned. Honestly, you just can’t trust those rough girls.


  1. Oh, I managed to slip in under the lasers. Why do you think Frankie here didn't do your taxes.

  2. Well your security system worked fine, but the boys put on a FANTASTIC show via the webcam so i was able to bust a nut and still remain faithful to my loving husband. LOVE your houseboys, they are SO clever!


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