Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stylin', Take 2

The LA Times features the home of a singer in the band Counting Crows today. $8.25 million for a property that exudes the cozy charm of a tuberculoses sanitarium.
A tuberculoses sanitarium decorated by Carmella Soprano, it would appear.
And a library with 26 books in it. I counted.

Amazing. The guy sounds like a neo hippy from Berkeley (natch) and the house looks like a factory for Lladro figurines. More here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  1. Gosh but this made me laugh. The house and your comments. Especially the Lladro bit.

  2. "Carmela Soprano" hehehehe!

    Miss J thinks he let someone talk him into buying as an investment. And that he lives at a week by week fleabag hotel in downtown LA.

  3. "Less is more" perhaps? But I think that bedroom calls out for a group punch fuck. Just saying.

  4. Very funny! What a diarrhoea colored decor. Quite dire. Money can't buy taste etc etc


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