Friday, February 13, 2009

That's Saint Peenee to You

But I don't want to go to Annapolis. R Man's father is a cranky old jerk and his sister is both crazy and boring. Both of them are mean to R Man and it makes me crazy watching them manipulate him. But, you know, I guess it's better to have someone at your back when facing down irritating relatives and that's my job.

Plus, this morning as we're trying to get ready to leave, we discovered the cat was running around with a piece of string he had apparently eaten and partially pooped out hanging out of his butthole. So I had to put on rubber gloves and pull it out. I know, I know: disgusting. But the cat WAS RUNNING AROUND WITH A PIECE OF STRING HANGING OUT OF HIS BUTTHOLE. What was I supposed to do?

I am a living saint.


  1. You are INDEED a saint, Mr. P. When she meets you, Miss J will kiss your ring.

    Miss J has had the unhappy experience of pulling things out of an animal's hiney... in her next life, Miss J is applying for sainthood, too.

  2. That's why I hate Christmas. There is always a cat walking around here with tinsel needing to be removed.

  3. well,you had to remove that darn string! i've been to annapolis. it's beautiful. so quaint. and those navy guys...

  4. yeah yeah yeah.
    A *real* saint would bring me back a midshipman.

  5. Dominus Nabisco!

    Those red Prada shoes are in the mail, even as we speak!!! ;)

  6. Thanks guys. I'm at Chez Inlaws writing this and hiding in the computer room.

  7. I'd kiss your ring, too, Mr. Peenee, if you hadn't mentioned your hand inserted into your cat's anus.

    Didn't Bobby Brown do that to Whitney Houston on an episode of their reality show?

  8. Well I can certainly vouch for knowing what it's like to have manipulative mean neurotic're a great husband to go and show support, and now that it's "officially" official you can butt in to your heart's content and talk all kinds of smack to the inlaws...cause you're FAMILY now. make the most of it!

  9. Wow. It seems your "annus horribilis" arrived early this year.

    And you can apply that to the cat's butt or the inlaws.


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