Monday, April 13, 2009


The radio show was pretty amusing. A woman I know well and like from an economic development nonprofit here was on it with me, which made the whole thing more comfortable. She and I pretty much nattered along and occasionally the host would butt in with some question that I'm sure she thought made sense, in her sad, deluded way. I would ignore her and talk about whatever I wanted to. Worse were the callers, two of whom were cranky and hostile to my agency. Yeesh. If you'd like to revel in my dulcet tones, you can go here

Skip to the part where the guy calls me "just a bureaucrat."  You can almost here me preparing to call him a cracker bitch, but I didn't.  You know why?  Because I am a professional.


  1. listening right now - this host is a jackass.

  2. Miss J so admires Mr. P's restraint. And his SEXAY voice!!!

  3. What's important is that you called him a cracker bitch in your head...

  4. I agree with Miss J, Mr. Peenee has a soothing sexy radio friendly timbre to his voice. He made the ordinary subject matter seem entrancing, I actually listened to the whole program. Also I just like referring to Mr. Peenee in the third person...


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