Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm still feeble enough to justify working half days.  I came home after lunch, tried to take a nap, but the cat will not get off me and I can't sleep under him, got up and started reading the blogs, only got as far as Fabulon, realized I have my jammie pants on backwards.  All this without drugs!  I must be improving rapidly.
random, arbitrary naked guy, cause I feel like it.


  1. yeay!
    I'm putting on my jammie pants backward too in your honor.

  2. Oh, honey, why are you wearing anything at all? Besides your tiara.

  3. Caro, what a bore! Sounds like you need to down and read a little Pym. I always go for A Glass of Blessings, if only because I adore thinking about the domestic life of Keith and Piers...

  4. I suggest sleeping au naturelle, or however the French say 'nude.' I do.

    It was only problematic after a trip to Puerta Vallarta. Just once.

  5. i sleep in the nude,if anyone cares...


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