Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grease Revenge

Who knew eating fatty junk foods was a learned ability, a talent that had to be developed and which could be lost? Did you know? I didn't know. As I mentioned R Man and I have abstained from eating fatty stuff since his heart surgery a year and a half ago. My plans to celebrate my birthday with a lunch of chili hot dogs with mayo and cheese was going to be a rare exception, and one to be savored. And, in fact, we did just that, but you know what? Chili dogs? No big deal. Certainly not the epicurean delight I remembered. Plus about twenty minutes after I stuffed them down, I felt like I had been smacked by a baseball filled with Crisco. I tried to disguise the chili induced coma as a birthday nap, but really, I just can't handle it. So now, I can't drink liquor and I can't eat junk food. What's left?

I suppose I have to get a grip here. Houseboy Jurgen Morpheus has taken to wearing all black in mourning for my deceased junk food capacity. Not such a good idea.

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