Sunday, April 12, 2009

Radio Killed the mrpeenee Star

I'm going to be on the radio on Monday morning, which seems like such an odd statement to make. Doesn't the very idea of a radio show sound like something from another era, another century? And yet, I'll be spending an hour tomorrow morning on some public radio call-in show, pretending I know what I'm talking about. In all the years I've been the media guy for our office, I've never done one of these and frankly, never really missed it. I hate call-in shows, with their moronic callers making up inane questions just to be on the air. Maybe instead of small business, I'll just start reeling off fashion tips and sex advice, that's always popular.


  1. I think you should grab that mike and channel Dawn Davenport.

    "Anybody wanna be famous? Anybody wanna die for art?"

  2. How cool! What's the number?

    Maybe I'll call in and ask, "Do You have Prince Albert in a Can?"...and giggle.

    Or maybe if you have
    a Prince Albert in your can.

    Or something like that.

    Whatever....there will be giggling.

  3. An on-air seizure of some sort might be fun!

  4. Muscato
    A brilliant idea, but I don't have time to scrape up a shopping cart full of dead fish.

    The giggling is just why I refrained from saying what station it was. No calls from mrpeenee fans.

    AAAARRRRRRRHGHH. That's all the time we have right now.

  5. Miss Janey's moronic call:
    "Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Uhm... hello?"

  6. "Thanks. I already turned down the part you're playing."

    I usually go the Helen Lawson route when stumped in public/new business presentations.

  7. We need an update! I want to hear how it went.


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