Friday, September 11, 2009

Thrifting avec Tante Diane

Darlings, it's me, dropping a line from the mad, gay whirl of hosting Tante Diane. We've eaten (pulled pork sandwiches at Mission Beach. Mmmm,) we've cooked (fusilli ala crazy bastard) and we have knocked out some serious thrift store action. Having hit every junk store in the city, I now have some pulmonary condition brought on by Second Hand Dust and a new charming little blue glass bowl.

A day in the world of Other People's Crap:

From the Telly Savalas Fine Arts Collectible Plate Series.

We recommend the Salvation Army on Guerrero for all your little bitty china high heel pump needs. Breathtaking.

Community Thrift on Valencia. Mecca for serious junk store junkies.

If you have to assure people in writing that you're the "Corvette of office chairs" chances are you're not. This wasn't.

mrpeenee has a lovely dining room already, and yet, he lusts after these. Stop me now.

A wee little cauldron for Satanic Rite Barbie,

Fashion News Update: sleek stilettos printed in hot pink odd Spanish cartoons are going to be the next big thing.

Dead Santa. CSI Mission Thrift Store is treating it as a drive-by. Details as they develop.

Pig. Fairy. Fairy pig.

The pig in a kimono disturbed Diane.


  1. The shoes: deeply Women on the Verge.

    The pig(s - boy, actually): deeply WANT.

    The entire day: deeply, deeply jealousy provoking.

    You don't know how much you miss thrifting 'til there just ain't any thrifting to be had...

  2. Darling, come for a visit and we'll wring all the thrifting out.

  3. and that's supposed to be "both, actually" up there. Can't think what I was thinking typing "boy" while thinking of pigs. Doesn't bear too close consideration, actually...

    And Mr. P - be careful what you wish for...

  4. Oh Mr. Peenee - I question your thrifting credentials. That plate may bear the face and shaved head of Telly Savalas but that is a plate from the Annie series. If I were guessing it is from the Bradford exchange. This I know because my redneck southern cousins like to collect such pieces of fine porcelain art.


  5. dining chairs- want!
    barbie satanic cauldron-have.
    fairy pig- am

  6. What size were the cartoon printed stilettos? If they're a 10 I'll send a money order immediately.

  7. It's only September and the Christmas whimsies are out, what a depressing thought. Love the ornamental shoes though, what do they have inside them potpourri?

  8. I think I saw that 'pig/kimono' thang at the YSL auction...

  9. Well, if a pig can be in a blanket, why not a kimono?

  10. Aren't you fucking back yet?! This is bullshit!!



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