Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Return of Whatshisname

Hello? HELLO? Is this thing on? How do you work this? Where am I?

It's been very kind of everyone to be concerned about mrpeenee's absence, snarkiness included. I have no excuse - I'm through being sick, I didn't have anything better occupying me, I've simply been lazy and unmotivated. The laundry piles up, voicemails go unanswered, and mrpeenee remains a dusty echo. But I'm back! And I have ... nothing to report. When you've been lying around doing nothing, it's hard to come up with juicy tidbits. Not that I mind imitating sediment, still and all....

Let's see. Hmmm. I dug up and moved a bed of liriope. Our favorite restaurant, Chow, reopened FINALLY after a grease fire last month. We built numerous fires of our own, but in the fireplace, mostly because Saki the Evil and Adorable cat demands them. R Man found a cd of Peter Paul and Mary's greatest hits, which I have listened to with my teeth gritted until I may need dental intervention. You know, the yoozh.

Also, we've had word from the much missed Thombeau of Fabulon. He's doing well, his breakup with Fabulon was amicable, no hard feelings, it was just too much work keeping a nonstop stream of fabulosity coming for his demanding fans. But I do miss the wacky splendors of it all.

I close with an image that is a salute to it. Fabulon, how I miss you.


  1. The laundry and voicemails can wait. I want to know what the hell is going on in this photo?!?!

  2. well dont you leave us too. where is that thom???? disappeared from the facebook hurts deeply

    and OHHHH how i love chow thanks to you! see you there sooooon

  3. Oh thank GOD! I was worried for you Peenee, honestly worried.

    I thought if only the truck stop nurse could have been there to save him from an untimely thrift store demise.

    It's good to have you back and the wonderful rhythm of your writing and how it sings and hums along.

  4. oh my. How I would love to push aside that boy's hand and inspect those buns and .... well, deal with whatever comes up.

  5. Too lazy to leave a comment that you're still alive?

    Mistress MJ is thinking up a suitable punishment.

    In the meantime, thanks for bringing us up to speed on Thom.

    I think of him often.

    Do you think Thom could be convinced to do a comeback tour?

  6. Oh, praise Jesus!

    (and thank goodness you're back too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  7. It worked! I pledged to ride a dildo until you came back and LOOKIT'...PRAISE SWEET Joey Stefano!

    Welcome back, kiddo. No shit; I was thinking, like, car accident shit and stuff.

  8. You were missed... we need our mrpeenee!!!

  9. Are you feeling the love, sweetie?

  10. I'm always late for these things...


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