Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Working Stiff

The main part of my job is organizing classes we put on which, ina perverse way, is pretty amusing considering I loathe sitting in a classroom being yakked at. I would rather be trapped in an airport terminal. I would rather eat lunch at McDonalds. I would rather have to see some Lady's Secret Place. My whole distaste of the education process was probably a big reason I got kicked out of the University of Texas. Of course, by the time they put me out the door, I was attended so few of the classes I had signed up for, the concept of "in school" or "out of school" was a pretty hazy one anyway.

So imagine my chagrin when a friend insisted that I attend the expo of Business Technology she's putting on Thursday and Friday. Worse, the reason she came to put this together was because I encouraged her to do so, so sneaking out would be difficult. Of course, my abilities at slithering out of a crowded room are pretty impressive, so we'll see.

And you know what else? MJ has offered to join me on a slapping fest, as I mentioned in my post about shopping at Rainbow Groceries, but apparently there's a "law" against it. Something about Battery, I don't know. The outrage. I thought this was supposed to be America, not some nanny state. I do have to commend MJ and Kevin both. The site I was trying to remember is, indeed, Lurid Digs . Thank you both so much, oh smutaterians. For everybody else, if you haven't been there yet, nip right on over. It's pretty hilarious. Scary, too.


  1. My distaste for the education process delivered me right in front of the class.
    Oh, Irony, thou are cruel.

    anyways, you should put on a class about porn....and home decor....and maybe slapping.

    I'll sign up.

  2. I forwarded LURID DIGS to three of my trashiest friends. Actually they're my ONLY friends. So thanks for that link.

    And I'd sign up too for a class on slappin' a bitch down.

  3. I would rather have to see some Lady's Secret Place

    *discreetly crosses and uncrosses legs*

    I would rather eat lunch at McDonalds

    Care for a Filet-O-Fish?

    *bitch-slaps Jason and Michael Guy*

  4. Working Stiff is the name a chapter in my memoirs.

    I love LURID DIGS!

    I can't believe the pics of the rain in SF! We got it too but not as dramatic.

  5. Sweet sick jebus, Peenee! Give a bitch some warning. Miss J went right over to Lurid Digs only to be ACCOSTED by a naked man sitting on the arm of a chair with his Manhood at full attention. Strangely enough, she just posted on something very similar over at her own blog.

    He should at least put a damn doily on the arm of that chair before making it home to his naked butt.

  6. Sweetie, I believe everything was hazy when we were at UT.

    And Miss J, hooray for a new post! I can't keep looking at those same spooky faces for-ev-er.

  7. Hazy? It must have been them low clouds of the dope smoke rolling in.


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