Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brink Back Infomaniac.

Darlings, let me share our outrage that the fantastical realm of Bloglandia could disappoint us all so much. First Cafe Muscato is abducted or deported or lured into the fast life of taxi-dancing or whatever, and now MJ, over at Infomaniac, has been "removed." What a terribly ominous verb, sort of like "disappeared." Against her will, no less.

Why on earth would Blogger take exception to Infomaniac? Of course it's vulgar, childish, coarse, obscene, tasteless and tittalatific (I made that up. Do you like it? Spellcheck hates it. Yay.) but that's part of the old girl's charm. In fact it may be all of her charm. In any case, I do not want Blogger deciding what I can and cannot read. The point of a blog is to just spill your guts, inner-most thoughts and humpy guy pix online
and if anyone wants play along, great. If not, you can always go back to stalking the site.

MJ had recently told everyone to zip it wile she watched some sports abomination, scratching her privates and farting. I suppose this will teach her, but I hope for the immediate return of the shrill harridan. I miss her already.

Part of my protest has been to update the look of my own blog, sort of like getting your hair did to show support of the plight of jewish lesbian sharecroppers. I hope you like it.


  1. Childish?!

    Aside from that, I am touched by this show of support.

    Where else, after all, could you go to bare those glorious buttchops of yours?

    I wish I could email you and thank you personally for this but they deleted my Gmail account too!

  2. as Mean Dirty so eloquently said:
    "Attica! Attica!"

  3. WHAT?! MJ's blog was immensely popular. I can't believe this! WTF??? NEELY O'HARA! NEEEEEELY O'HAAAARAAAA!!!

  4. (By the way, Peener, now that you have the new layout, you might consider taking Fabulon from your links and replacing it with the Chateau. It would be the right thing to do. Boobies, boobies, boobies. Nothin' but boobies. Who needs 'em?)

  5. Attica Attica Attica

    Well we all know that I am incensed about all of this brew haha. Especially sense I am partially to blame with my blatant nudity and all. However Peenee makes a good point, I should be able to read what I want and to hell with those who are offended. The content warning should serve as warning enough. I gotta go to a funeral tomorrow and then the on to oil slick beach so my social circle is filled for the moment.

  6. I repeatedly told the filthy slut that the internet was a place for the ladies to talk about knitting patterns and cake recipes, but would she listen?
    I see this as a victory for the forces of goodness, and will not tire in my campaign to make the internet a place safe for children and good God-fearing folk.
    My next task is to find a nice girl for you, Mr Peenee (although I expect that that is not your real name - I can't stand people who hide behind aliases), and then I will see if we can't get Sarah Palin elected.

  7. Hello boys!

    I'm trying to maintain a sense of humour about this whole thing rather than give in to the alternating waves of anger and sadness that keep popping their heads up.

    Eventually (perhaps not ‘til the new year) I’ll set up a new blog and I’ll need a new name for it to elude the powers-that-be. Suggestions welcome.

    My summer/autumn is going to be a hotbed of activity so if this HAD to happen, I suppose now is a good time. I was going to be blogging less frequently anyway during that time. But I’m sorry you all had to miss the Mr. Nude Infomaniac 2010 Pageant featuring some stunning new pics of Ayem8y.

    I’ll try to create a new email account by next week so I can keep in touch somewhere other than the comments section.

    Vicus: How did you slip through the door? Perhaps I’ll set up a nice knitting blog next where folk can have a nice cuppa tea and a biscuit. Oh, and good luck with your plan to convert Mr. Peenee. Har.

    Peenee: It’s awfully pink in here!

  8. I believe Infomaniac would not have been "removed" if it contained even one advertisement... they would not interfere with commerce. MJ, have a great summer off, let me know if you start a new blog (at Tumblr this time?)

  9. The whole MJ-gate sucks. We all know it. We all feel it. We need a new president of the internet.

    LOVE what you've done with the place. Makes me feel like I'm at a party. Or something.

  10. What the F'in F??? Miss J must say that Blogger is hardly the last word in blogdom anyway.

    Nice new look, Mr. P. That lady you posted has a weird navel.

  11. It's just like being in your bathroom! But more festive. . . .

  12. Mistress, is the domain already taken? If so, give it due consideration.

    Ditto to what Miss Janey said, incidentally. Maybe wordpress is more accomodating to a woman of, specialized tastes?

  13. If NOT, I meant to say. Your disappearance has me all verklempt.

    Peenee, I like the new look. It's as if it were designed by a 17 year old girl, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

  14. Infomaniac has arisen! Back online! Hooray!

  15. My blog is back!

    My blog is back!

    Google sent me an apology but didn't give me any reason on why they removed both my blog AND my Gmail account.

    Note to everyone that this could happen to you.

    I'm seriously considering Wordpress. Does anyone know if WordPress's Terms of Service are as strict as Googles? I don't want to be censored. I post ridiculously silly pics of old mens wobbly bits, some vintage cheesecake ladyeez and occasionally the toned derrieres of some of my blogging friends such as Ayem8y, Kevin, and yes, Mr. Peenee himself. But it's all in the spirit of fun ... childish fun I'll admit but it's not in any way p*rn*graphic. AND I had an adult content warning on my blog!


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