Sunday, June 6, 2010

Enlightened Cherries with Chops

So R Man and Urban Street Pirate are in there watching a video lecture by Eckhart Tolle on spiritual enlightenment, R Man because he is seeking enlightenment and the Pirate because he is the sweetest soul on earth. I was invited to participate and when I saw topics included "Moving Beyond Thought" and "Accessing the Power of Now," I asked that they let me know when he got to the part about "Git Down You Funky Motherfuckers." I was then invited to leave. It happens.

It happens a lot. R Man wants to understand the nature of his being, I want to watch porn, the cat wants to play with string; there are many paths to nirvana.

Speaking of which, for dinner I'm making thick-cut pork chops braised in merlot with fresh cherries. Pitting cherries always leaves behind a scene the looks like something out of Dexter, but it's worth it.
In general, I'm leery of kitchen implements which only serve one purpose, but I'm willing to make an exception for cherry pitters because wielding them is so darn amusing.

The other houseboys told Eban Horalius the pitter was sex toy and made him cry. Honestly, those boys.


  1. Can't imagine having cherries with pork chops. Must be a female thing.

  2. Your sink looks like a scene from a George A. Romero film.

  3. A place near me used to serve roast pork with a cherries in wine sauce. Delish! They teamed it with a mix of mashed white potatoes and yams. Just sayin'

  4. OH! 3 of my favourite things all combined......we are so lucky here in Oztralia we get the california cherries at this time of if i only had the recipie?????

  5. I never think to cook cherries in anything but pie for some reason. I did soak a pound or two in some bourbon last year. Cherry whiskey lime sours are the bomb!

    Welcome back home!


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