Thursday, September 16, 2010


Have you ever had burrata? It's a fabulous Italian cheese, fresh mozzarella filled with more mozzarella mixed with cream. To recap: cheese stuffed with cheese. And cream. It is utterly creamy and delicious, as are so many Italian things (see below.)
We had it as a salad tonight with juicy little tomatoes bursting with tomato-ness. There were a number of those moaning type noises one hears when the food of the gods is passed around. Mmmm. Burrata.


  1. Great.
    Now I'm going to have to spend an entire weekend looking for this stuff because of you.

  2. I don't think my local Wendy's has cottoned on to this product yet.

  3. Miss J LOVES burrata...

    Does Mr. P use this houseboys abs to grate parmesan for his juicy little tomatoes?

  4. kabuki hasn't moanedover a salad in ages. when kabuki grows up he wants to be your digestive tract. only prettier. my word verification is 'scimlik'. kabuki would like the scimlik salad with house dressing please.

  5. Where did you find it??? I assume you didn't go back to Chez . . .

  6. OMG I've never heard of such a thing! Now I have a reason to live.

  7. I'll be a bitch and brag that down the street is Casale, a lovely authentic Italian pizzeria with a mozzarella bar. With burrata and other lovely cheeses that I've yet to try but I'm certain are heavenly! (loved your description of tomatoes bursting with tomato-ness. Indeed!)

    I've seen burrata at Whole Foods.


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