Thursday, November 18, 2010


All I'm saying is we might have a guest here who stacks dirty dishes in the dishwasher like a crazy monkey on crack. Who apparently thinks magic dishwasher radar waves will miraculously penetrate flatware mashed together and clean them even though no water and soap can touch them.

I need to go take my meds.


  1. Oh, how I wish there were meds that could get the dishwasher radar waves to clean the dirty flatware and bypass that whole "dishwasher" nonsense.

  2. hyphina...
    i swear that's the "verification word" for this comment
    ,,,pinky swear....

    family is family.... that is why we call them ... family...

    ...the fearless, (we) march straight into the gates of hell...
    for and to get things done....
    befitting & properly.



  3. My verification word is "diswign" which is how a monkey on crack would say dishwasher.

  4. Why not give her a manicure? Simply stick her hand down the garbbage disposal and turning it on?

  5. Suhweet sick jebus... IS MR. JANEY there???

    Who the hell is this khmer news, um, person? Interesting pic...

  6. Oh, I'll be there tomorrow to do it all wrong too. But at least I rinse thoroughly!

  7. Ever since moving to California in 1986, once, ONCE mind you, I lived in a place that had a dishwasher. humph.

  8. guests from other planets, my favorite kind!

  9. "Let me help you with that!"

    "No No I insist..."

    Everybody should have Joan Crawford for a roommate like I do. She don't take no shit. And she'll empty the astray before you are through smoking and not return it.

    "Be gone peasant...NO SMOKING!"

    WV - 'INESSUP' which is code for "Don't cram my dishwasher with dirty ashtrays".

  10. "How lovely that you and Goneril, came to visit, dear Regan. But you shouldn't spend you time in the kitchen. You visit with R Man andn I'll clean up." (and lock the kitchen door).

    I've tried a similar sort of things with my (Oedepus Wrecks) mother-in-law.

  11. This is yet another classic case of 'justifiable homicide.' A jury of your peers would NEVER convict you.


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