Monday, April 11, 2011


Some of you may have noticed there was some weird blog outage around here yesterday when Blogger took mrpeenee down. Dickless bastards. I had just posted my deathless prose about my New Orleans trip and when I came back from looking at porn (for clinical research purposes ONLY) I discovered a curt little message announcing I had violated their standards. Someone complained about little me? Do I complain about fat christian ladies blogging about their fat husbands and adorable spawn? Actually, I do, so that's not a good example.

Anyway, Blogger is supposed to be a free exchange of ideas and if anyone is offended by my postings of humpy young men (none of which is particularly more racy than Abercrombie and Fitch's catamitelogue or whatever the kids are calling it these days) they are welcome to take themselves off, off to the fat christian ladies for all I care. When this happened to MJ over at infomaniac, she warned us we were just as vulnerable. OK, I'm convinced now, but still too lazy to consider converting to Wordpress. Besides, I just don't care for Blogger deciding what I can and cannot write about.

Is this all because I mocked Tim Teblow a few posts ago? If so, just let me reiterate; when it comes to hot guys, I have stepped over better than him and not looked back.

In honor of my new "adult content warning" (which only appears sporadically, much like Tim Tebow's mangina,) I'm happy to present something worth looking at.
You're welcome.


  1. grrrrrr.

    Now bring on the porn!

  2. Hey Peenee sorry to have missed you in New Orleans I was called away for work. Maybe we'll have a chance to meet another time.

    About your new found objectionable content status I say wear it like a badge of honor. I'm envious. Mitzi and I secretly wish it would be bestowed upon us.

    Also can I get on the mailing list of the Catamitelogue?

  3. What a lovely memento to bring home from your recent tour..

    Does it eat much?

  4. J
    The odd thing is I'm too prissy put up actual porn. One must have one's standards.

    We missed you, therefore we talked about you like a dog. See ya soon.

    Protein snacks, mostly.

  5. oh girlina I say just show those Blogger c*nts just how filthy you can be. Like, say DIVINE/Pink Flamingos when she sneaks into the Marvel's house to lick all their furniture.

  6. welcome back my darling. just when you were all relaxed, blogger cock blocks you. kabuki is prepared to march to the gates of hell itself, if necessary. kabuki does NOT think a wise decision was made,not by anyone at blogger. kabuki will not even warn them of the impending damage to their character. plus, kabuki will pee in their sock drawer.

  7. I blame the Barbie Doll Bacchanlia in your linen closet.

  8. You know some people just can't stand for a blatant display of hot pink upholstery ...

  9. Well, I for one was concerned, but I know people who you know and I know that they know that you know that they know where to find you if need be. All in all, we're a knowledgable group.

    But the flag as adult content? PLEASE! It isn't like you post pictures of Vulvanators or ass-pussy. The only this vulgar about Mr. Penee are the implied naughtiness of the occassional CAPTCHA phrases dreamt up by blogger!

    Still, we're glad to have you back.

  10. I am terrified of the day that I go to login to my blog and it's gone.

    Damn you blogger, damn you to hell!

  11. It was very upsetting. Thank goodness you're back! We all need our role models...

  12. While I have always found your blog to be most objectionable, I would never go so far as to do anything about it. Other than visit it on a regular basis.

  13. Screw them bastards. You rule. Period.

  14. Actually, posting the occasional naked houseboy as I do, this little Blogger incident worries and concerns me...

  15. While I have always found your blog to be most objectionable, I would never go so far as to do anything about it. Other than visit it on a regular basis.

    thom said it so well, all i
    could do is repeat what he said.

    what is with all this fucking "shutting down?"

    am i gonna have to buy a gun?

  16. remember kabuki is heavily armed and heavily medicated. and kabuki has your back big time, for you are my friend. seen anyone lurking around?

  17. Thanks love! I know blogger can be a real........Now bring on the meat! LOL!

  18. Gyad, people can be so stupid. Write on, Sir Peen.


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