Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cast Off, Comcast

I finally realized I have, for years, spent more time scrolling through the program listings on our cable than actually watching any of the shows because the shows are geared towards moronic cowboys. I would keep hoping something interesting would slip in there, but no, just non-stop Friends reruns and sports, sport, sports. So I canceled my cable. Let me tell you, if you ever are starved for attention, just cancel your cable. Ever since I bailed out on them Comcacst has called and emailed like a stalker on speed. I keep telling them "It's not me, it's you," but they won't listen.

Super Agent Fred and I had very amusing time returning the cable box to their offices. Naturally they had a television mounted prominently and I discovered the remote that went with the box worked it, so I kept changing channels and commenting loudly about the sucky quality of the offerings. The people in line behind us were digging it.

Also, attaching the cable directly to the my TV without the box allows me to see about twenty channels for free, including Discovery, which is good because that's where Cash Cab is.

Do you know Cash Cab? I love it. It's a game show set in a cab in New York. The driver asks passengers trivia questions and if they answer them correctly they win bucks. It's thrilling how stupid the riders are. I've been reduced to screaming at the television by people missing things like "Indigenous Peoples day is substituted for what federal holiday in October?' Please tell me you knew the answer is "Columbus Day" and not "Halloween," the way the clue-free fat heads in the cab answered. Hello? the only federal holiday in October? Indigenous Peoples/Columbus? Hello?

Also I have a crush on the host, Ben Bailey
He's totally charming, plus Wikipedia assures us he is six feet, six inches, which causes us to think "Mmm, Big Ben." Yeah, baby. Ask me that question.


  1. We have a Cash Cab Canada but I don’t watch the English version. Instead, I watch “Taxi Payant,” the French version filmed in Montreal.

    Click here to see the cutie cab driver, Alexandre Barrette.

    If it won’t let you watch from out of country, try this YouTube link.

    p.s. I love getting the answers correct even though French is not my first language and especially when the contestants (whose first language IS French) get the answer wrong. It makes me feel brilliant for all of half of hour.

  2. Good for you!!!
    I have often alluded to "THE EVIL COMCAST" & their offerings. Why do I stick with it? Just when we are ready to drop it, I decide I can't live without Mad Men or True Blood & there we are with our $150 a month bill.
    Last night we went to bed early from enui, as we traveled through 400 channels with nothing that struck our fancies.
    You continue to inspire me!

    My verification word is ANTIC.

  3. ooo...I love Cash Cab...and have had a long standing crush on Ben myself. mmmm...that voice.

  4. If my spouse wasn't such a TV addict, I would ditch it too! (although I would miss Doctor Who...)

  5. He's so tall, so he's yours....
    But there may be a cat-fight between me and MJ over that cute little frenchie, Alexandre....

    ... Stay tuned, it could get nasty...

  6. I gave up ComTrash a bazillion years ago, when they kept advertising a particular Meryl Streep film -- at every and any time of day when I wasn't home to watch it!

    Now I have just the "basic" service provided by Dish Network (or some such) by the building in which I live.

    I wouldn't mind getting a better version of "basic cable" if it included BBC America, if it didn't include 1,027 versions of ESPN, and if I didn't have to pay for premium channels when I wasn't home. That said, it doesn't look like I'll be paying ComTrash any money anytime within my lifetime!

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  8. Good for you! And besides if you want to watch something, chances are its online. I found Youtube has some classic movies that haven't been released on DVD.

    I have been wanting to toss Warner Cable for years. But then I couldn't get my House Hunters International fix. I too yell at the TV, especially when entitled Divorcee's from Kansas City go looking for seaside villas in the Dominican Republic.

    DIVORCEE: "I want to throw open my sliding glass doors and step barefoot onto the beach!"

    ME: "You won't feel that way come the hurricane and then the tidal surge, bitch."

  9. Ooh, I love the Cash Cab guy! I'd like to see him and the Dirty Jobs guy get it on. I really would.

  10. YAY! CASH CAB is big fun precisely because of the stupidity. Though I don't think fast on my feet so I'd probably come off just as dumb.

    Cable TV is satan walking the earth. Good that you rid your house of such evil. I mean, just how many times can Showtime air Quantum of Solace???

  11. @Wally: You're welcome to Alexandre as I have another Québécois TV boyfriend.


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