Wednesday, June 22, 2011

mrpeenee, Queer

What could be more appropriate for Gay Pride week than Cyndi Lauper's birthday? I love this remake of her old Money Changes Everything. I think her voice is better than ever and she's toned down the idiosyncratic yips and yaps and barking she used to decorate her singing with. Plus she's rocking a zither, or as much of it as she can reach around her enormous knockeroonies, and some guy is playing a squeezebox.

Are you sufficiently gaye? Find out. Get your Gay card on.

Tip: raise your score by answering “yes” to everything just like the real mos. “Wanna drink?” “Suck my dick?” “D&D free, right?” I would have had a perfect score, but I hit the last question, which implies black and brown do not go together, and I had to refuse to lower my standards by saying yes. I know they’re shooting for sartorial solecisms, but I also have my eye on an antique chair upholstered in black leather with brown velvet stripes I’m mad for. Plus, if you really think black and brown don’t go together, you have obviously not been paying enough attention to Kristen Bjorn’s smut.

Tragically, in light of mrpeene’s devotion to celebrating queer sensibilities, he has sprained some stupid tendon in his right hand. Since I am right handed, this is getting in the way of a number of things I need to do, things like grab a bottle of Mineragua (my new fave bebeda,) or clutch pearls when shocked, or snatch up a baseball bat, or lots of things. Lots of things.
OK, so baseball bats don’t really come my way that often.


  1. Cyndi's got spunk to spare. She rocked the hell out of the concert I saw last year.

    And I like the idea of a Kristin Bjorn themed living room. Porn for decorating themes. You're a genius, MrP.
    It opens up so many opportunities!

  2. As I have said before, I'm just here to help.

  3. I can picture you with a croquet mallet, but not a baseball bat. However, can you scoop the litter box with your left hand? Don't want to make Saki more evil than he already is!

    And I've always loved Cyndi's style. If she ever tours with the B-52's, I would kill to get front-row seats!

  4. I only scored a meagre 40% a gay in training! However, I did know that black and brown don't go together that's why we never see black toilet paper.

  5. I find it hard to believe that I scored higher than Mitzi.

  6. That poll -- sheesh. I scored shamefully low. And I've been a Kinsey 6 since 1951. Ai yi yi.

  7. I see you've located my daddy. My eternal thanks.


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