Friday, October 14, 2011

Lone Star

This year marks a significant anniversary for me; it's the year I will have lived in San Francisco longer than I did in Texas, where I was born. Beyond a mere statistic, it is also a great comfort to me. I will be chanting it to myself on Saturday morning, far too early, as I go winging off to Houston for a family visit.

I have a complicated relationship with my family. When I'm with them, they amuse me, sort of, but when I escape back here I find myself with no great desire to return anytime soon. In fact, I haven't been back to Texas in the last six years. I blame George Bush, but the fact that they all, and especially my father, make me sort of crazy might have something to do with it.

My plan stretches no farther than Mexican food for dinner three nights and barbecue and Gulf Coast seafood for the other nights. I had looked into possibly visiting some galleries, but the most interesting one has obviously changed focus, now concentrating on lesbiancentric spoken word. Yo. I think I'll pass.

Trust me when I say none of the boys I ever run across there look like this:


  1. i drove from louisiana to el paso in a day. it was flat, dry and dead armadillo ridden. stopped at some small dot, looking for coffee. there was none.

  2. You have my support and sympathy.

  3. The real problem here is that your visit does not coincide with Rodeo Week. As much as I am not fond of the rodeo, I make exception sometimes because of the hotties in their tight Wranglers.

  4. Will we be seeing a photo of you in chaps?

  5. You have my empathy and my sympathy.

    I feel the exact same way I do about returning to the East Side of Cleveland. I have a feeling of dread going up; I have an out of body expirience once I get there - it's familiar and it is a part of me, and a part of me is of it, but everything is a ghost of what I remember about it.

  6. I lived there in SF in summer of 1972, I had too good of a time.

  7. Hi nice to meet you!! nice blog!! your welcome in

  8. Did you make it home with your sanity intact (such as it be)?

  9. You've just shattered one of my greatest fantasy about going down south to Texas and see hot cowboys at every street corners! *sigh*

    Oh, well! At least Santa Claus is still alive and healthy up here in Canada!


  10. I plan to leave TX early next year. Looking for a cooler/wetter climate. This last Summer was Hellish.

    My relatives all live in Southeast TX as well.


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