Sunday, October 2, 2011

TV P Nee

I am one big fan of the TV show Criminal Minds. Grim FBI agents talk in curt sentences with occasional wisecracks whilst tracking down serial killers. The A&E channel (that's arts and entertaining for those of you taking notes because the show is both entertaining and art) very kindly provides us with marathons of these shows every weekend, hour after hour of the agents kicking in doors, which is my favorite part. On Friday night , I counted them kicking in seven doors in one show. I almost got a little stiffy. Almost.

Oddly, the channel will sometimes repeat the same three episodes in row. Am I ashamed that on that same Friday night I watched the show where the killer glues his victims' eyes open (classic) and then, two hours late, watched it again? Well, yes, a little, but then, as a small victory, I changed channels.

Speaking of changing channels, I did not make it through the dreadful BBC sci fi show Bedlam last night. Ghost Whisperer had already plowed the same ground as a show with Jennifer Love Hewitt who saw ghosts no one else did and slept in false eyelashes. This was the same idea, but without her enormous fake eyelashes and enormous genuine breasts, but with the astonishingly adorable Theo James frequently "acting" in nothing but a towel.
I have no idea why I can't find a picture of Theo showing off his humpalicious lean torso like he did on the show. Sometimes the internet just lets you down. But not even his flat tummy and sizeable tits were enough to keep me around. I had to go watch the boys kick in doors.


  1. omg, i love criminal minds, too!

    i never realized how much door-kickings-in there were until you mentioned it.

    i'd like to try to count how many times someone says "hotch, you're gonna wanna see this." or some variation thereof, during a marathon!

    oooh, i'm gonna go watch right now!

  2. You should totally follow Thomas Gibson's (aka Hotch) tumbler... Plenty of backstage candid shots, often very entertaining... Few as delicious as this:

  3. Ah....I admire your ability to sit through plot.
    I find it easier to just google for shirtless pics.

  4. The best pics I could find maye be found here. Mr James (for it is he) was exceptionally sexy in the first season of Downton Abbey as the doomed posh Turkish totty, as well! Jx


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