Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shot Me with Your Shot

I got a new camera, cause the old one was getting all cranky and stuff. As usual with new technology, this camera can do a bazillion fabulous things I don't need when all I want to do is take a goddam picture.
It's blue.

The first picture, of course, was Saki, looking very suspicious.

I also shot the painting I have in my bedroom Super Agent Fred painted long long ago. I adore it.

Random graffiti.

And a birthday party for Super Agent Fred. The waiter somehow decided it was also our friend Amy's birthday so she got a candle too. I think the waiter needed to either take more or fewer of whatever medicine he'd been prescribed because assigning Amy a birthday wasn't his only oddity. His idea of charming us seemed to consist of random observations and questions including "Are you German?"


  1. Yay! We'll be expecting more photo-documentation of your various and sundry exploits!

  2. I suspect you were wearing your lederhosen hence the questions.

  3. Being asked "Are you German?" would have gotten a 50 percent tip from me. At least.

    The candle, well....who even knows.

  4. The birthday venue looks swish. Where is it?

  5. The venue is a time warp salute to 1980 that's called House of Prime Ribs. Meat. Lots of meat.

  6. Being asked if one is German is one of the risks one takes when wearing lederhosen in public.

    And of course Saki is suspicious. He doesn't want you to learn his plans for world domination just yet.

  7. you know Saki is gonna getcha for that picture. Next time give her at least a days' notice to prepare. safety first.

  8. I am so going there this summer. Meat, I'm in.

  9. I thought from the first couple of pictures there was going to be a blue theme going on in honor of the camera's color. But I was wrong. As usual.


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