Friday, May 11, 2012

The Bane of Our Time

Justin Bieber hair.

It must be stopped.


  1. Honey, he could be rocking a powdered, five-foot, ostrich-plume-trailing, gem-encrusted, ribbon-dripping, Sydney-Guilaroff-for-Norma-Shearer special and no one with a lick of sense would be paying attention to his hair.

    That aside, trend-wise, you're spot on, as usual.

  2. Hair? What hair? I saw no...oh wait, there it is, at the top.

  3. I wonder how Mitt Romney would handle this hairdo?

  4. Yes, It's right up there with the mullet
    better to go bald..

  5. Yes, this trend is wearing thin -- but at least it helped hasten the death of those silly Tintin styles. Now if we could only stop the spread of "white boy dreads". Or get supermarkets to bring back brown paper bags to put over the heads of unfortunates like the model above. . . .

  6. someone just needs to forcefully strap him to a chair and get out the....clippers.


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