Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cat Tales, Cat Teeth

Saki, the Evil and Adorable Cat, had to go in for his annual check up (which, I'd just like to point out in passing, costs more than mine does.  Not that I mind, no of course not.)  The very cute vet pressed vigorously for me to bring him back and have his teeth cleaned.  Possibly he needed to make an extra mortgage payment this month, maybe his membership in the transvestite hooker gambling morphine ring was coming up, who knows?   R Man and I had always resisted having our cats' teeth cleaned since it requires general anesthesia and that seems to involve so many more risks than reward.

But this time, Dr. Curtis batted his blue eyes at me and added that Saki had a ginormous cavity in there and needed to have the tooth pulled.  Oy.  Coincidentally this was the same time NormaDesmond and  Designing Wally were both suffering through dental crises and their pitiful cries were still echoing in my pointy little head as I thought about Saki putting up with a toothache for who knows how long.  So I gave the go ahead Thursday.

It's been a rough couple of days for both of us.


Designing Wally

Norma Desmond

Some other guy.

When I picked him up after the procedure, I noticed a huge handwritten "CAUTION!!!" on his chart.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Oh, he was not happy about this," the receptionist assured me airily.

I had no trouble translating that "Who did he bite?"


When we got home he was growling and crazy, and I could barely get him to settle down long enough to take the stupid little plastic cone collar off.  I was going to take a picture, because I am a bad person, but it was already traumatic.

 The vet also sent home some pain medicine that I'm supposed to shoot from a syringe onto his gums, but the two times I tried that only got him more freaked out and didn't seem to help, and now he seems to be recovered so I'm thinking of using the leftovers on myself or shipping them off to Norma and her dry socket.  Cause I'm a giver.


  1. poor, poor saki! well, she's too lucky that you, you dear giving man, are her daddy. that cat doesn't know how lucky she is! just today there were discussions with clients about ailing cats. it must be in the air!

    i have to hope that saki sucked on nothing after the extraction, thereby sparing her of the whole dry socket hell.

    and i hope that you were able to help him finish drying the car (and yourself) off.

    1. I sent him off to you with Saki's pain killers. And 5G in small bills. You let me know when he gets there.

    2. Norma said, "i have to hope that saki sucked on nothing"

      Unlike Peenee, I must add.

  2. Poor Saki. At least she didn't have to deal with the people demanding payment for this type of torture. I HATE the woman who schedules and bills for dental work. Dealing with her is worse than the procedures.

  3. Well, if one hasn't been bitten by Saki, one doesn't really *know* Saki! Glad the worst (I hope) is over.

  4. Hope Saki feels better soon. I would have bitten the veterinary staff, too. And it serves them right. They should know that a kitty with a sore mouth is going to be grumpier than Godzilla with a hangover!

  5. Goodness gracious...a cat with a cavity? Is he sneaking the raisinettes after you're asleep?? You're an awfully good parent, that's all I'm saying.

  6. Pictures of the vet, please. Shirtless.

  7. I never seem to get out of a Vet visit without spending $600+.

  8. I'm having the last of my wisdom teeth out on Friday. The other 3 have been taken out in the last month. I was promised cheekbones and a Kate Moss early 80's look. Hasn't happened, and I'm pissed off.

  9. Christ Almighty! They do realize that Mr. P is only a TWO ARMED MAN, don't they? Miss J cannot imagine having to wrangle a traumatized cat and shoot its gums full of joy juice without full body armor and two hot-bodied assistants.

    Poor Saki. May he recover from all this quickly.

  10. your humanitarian efforts are second only to Mother Teresa. When she was alive of course. she has really slacked off since her death. classic needy nun

  11. Where are you, Mr. Peenee?

    Have you joined the transvestite hooker gambling morphine ring?


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