Friday, August 3, 2012

Call Me, Keeks. We'll Talk

My memories of my hair and fashion choices, circa 1974, make me remember myself as a frumpy dork.

I see now that I was simply prepared to step into the Kiki Dee Band, should the need arise.

"Feel funky, feel good, gonna tell ya I'm in the neighborhood."  Bitches.


  1. well, color me embarrassed....I had no idea she sang this song.

    I, sadly, only know (knew?) her from that Elton John duet...which, by the way, I tore up at karaoke a few weeks Kiki, natch.

  2. oh my, mr. what's the use keyboard player.

    1. Thinking "Maybe that last pig tranquilizer was no such a good idea."

    2. Y'know, I was wondering if he was treated for insomnia by Michael Jackson's doctor. . .

  3. the fact that you did not join the kiki band is what kept them out of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. They should have seen your talent from the next zip code. And kabuki knows you made frumpy HOT HOT HOT!!
    ps. never liked her

  4. When she sang Star back in the 80s, she was singing it for you!

    1974! I was a mere twinkle in my daddy's eye.

  5. At that time, frumpy meant you were wearing clothing from the "Nellie Oleson-Little House on The Prairie" collection. I can't see you wearing that. Whether or not you wore your hair in sausage curls. No matter what hair you may have worn in sausage curls.

  6. Round brush and mousse? We've all been there.


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