Saturday, May 18, 2013


After fighting with the weeds in my garden for lo these many years, I finally gave up and brought in a ringer.  Yes, it's true, I hired a gardener.  I've always been reluctant since it seems like pulling up weeds is such a basic part of gardening.  Also, it's not always clear in the yard what is a weed and what's up there because I want it so I wasn't sure I trusted somebody else whaling away at it.  But now that I have let go and embraced the zen of somebody else breaking their goddam back, I'm thrilled.  Never has the yard been so immaculately tidy.   It makes me want to go out and buy more plants to fill in the new bare spots.  Turns out I'm a plant hoarder.

I'm also a big slut for irises which are coming in now in their frilly glory.  These are bulbs I put in last fall and whenever you do something like that, it always feels like a leap of faith.  It's nice to have it vindicated.

Secret Agent Fred and I are off for a few days in L.A. and Palm Springs to absorb the glamour and eat Mexican food.  Since he and I share a skin tone that can best be described as potato peelings white, our plans for poolside shenanigans are strictly limited to night swimming, but that's what I love best, so I think we should do swell.
And an old favorite, a tasteful pink rose called "April in Paris"

Details when we get back.


  1. It's so nice to have a man about the house.... well at least in the garden anyway... I found it to have done me a power of good... Loving the new Iris... Pretty things coming up in the garden never fail to surprise me... Have a lovely mini break...

  2. Those irises are rather splendid! I'm quite jealous, really - our garden's too shady for them, although we can grow the dwarf early ones in pots. Enjoy the sunshine! Jx

  3. a big slut for irises?

    is that what they were
    sticking thru the glory holes?

  4. Lovely! I am jealous as my garden is also too shady to grow so many of the flowers I really love. The exception is a small stretch along one side of my sun room, where I planted roses 13 years ago. At night, when the windows are open, the room is filled with the scent of roses.

    It makes perfect sense to hire a gardener to do the heaviest work. And how fun is it to drop nonchalant little references to 'my gardener' with an of course-I-was-raised-in-a-stately-home air? lol

    I hope you have a terrific break. :) From a cold and dreary Jersey Shore, sunshine, warmth and night swimming sounds heavenly.

  5. Count me in as an iris slut too.

    These were a staple in my childhood garden so their image brings back many happy memories.

    Have a great time away, Mr. Peewee.

  6. Ah, your lovely garden. It does my heart good.

  7. The bearded clam variety of iris are very popular in lesbian gardens, according to 'Gay Search' (real name!) from Gardeners' World. Bombay Sapphire gin is flavoured with iris root and coloured using it's petals. I'm a whore for roses and a cock sucker for lupins with their lovely pink and purple heads. I've never felt so aroused!

  8. Your garden takes kabuki's breath away. kabuki hopes the same can be said about the gardner.

  9. Iris Slut?
    I think I know her.

  10. kabuki and palm springs eagerly await the gracious Mr Peenee and stunning Secret Agent Fred. contact mois for phone number

    1. Sweetie, rats, I didn't have a computer so I only saw this tonight now that I'm back in the foggy embrace of San Francisco.


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